Cause Selfie Is Important, Do We Need Extra App?

Capture every moment in life currently becomes a new habit, not only for young people but also for elders. Indonesians love to take a picture, everywhere in every day. They say a picture is worth a thousand words! It sounds relate because photos are the new way to talk, also the way to approve something. If you are not sure, take a look at this survey on what Indonesian think about camera for their daily life.

SURVEY PERIOD: July 21, 2017 – December 12, 2017.

SURVEY RESPONDENTS: 500 Indonesian, aged 10-59 years old, men and women.


Q: How Often Do You Take A Picture With Your Smartphone? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

According to this survey, 48.6% of respondents said they do it every day take a picture with a smartphone camera.
However, 18% and below said take a picture per two days, 11.6% said once a week, or even they have no smartphone and never do that.

From this data, we know that Indonesian nowadays is very in love to take a picture, especially with use a smartphone camera.

What Are They Doing After Take Pictures?

In this era, everyone has social media sites. For Indonesian, they willing to post every picture which already taken to their social networking service (SNS). From the chart below 89.6% of respondents say they upload pictures to their SNS media usually.,

Q: How often you upload a picture which capture by your phone? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

SNS is the easiest way to save every good moment. It can be shared directly and be seen for all your friends. And of course they will show the best object to post. Refer to this survey, self-photography or selfie is the popular object for Indonesian, followed with family pictures. Look at the chart below:

Q: What object do you capture often with your smartphone? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Data said, 38.8%  of respondents, think a selfie is their good object which capture often. The rest of it, below 7%, the objects are about friends, partners, and scenery. Foods may be regarded as a good object to capture, but only 1.6% of respondents to do it.

What makes selfies so interesting?

According to, what makes people love to selfie than capture another object because they love to see themselves and proud of that.

“Human faces have always been particularly effective attention-grabbing mechanisms, than anything else” said Researcher Dr. Owen Churches, from the school of psychology at Flinders University in Adelaide.

On the other side, data from Instagram said, there are 300 million photos had been tagged with the selfie label and pictures with human faces are 38 percent more likely to receive likes and 32 percent more likely to attract comments than photos with no faces.

Amazing right!

For Indonesian, before upload photos to social media we will make it better with one or more applications. It is very common to do when we asked about it to the respondent and the answer mostly they do it. Look at the chart below:

Q: Do You Editing Your Photo With an Application? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

When looking at the chart, 73.8% of respondents answered that they do edit photos with applications. It is clear that Indonesian very interested with picture editor application to make the object better before posting it to social media.

Indonesian Like Free Download Photo Editor Apps

Everyone is absolutely like everything with free of charge right? Especially for Indonesian. If there something with free with good quality, of course, it will be popular and everyone will try it.  For Indonesian there are two photo editor applications which usually use for Indonesian which very popular according to Licorice free answer survey. The first one is Camera 360 and the second one is beauty plus.

What the different from both of them? Let us explain the features and what makes them very interesting for Indonesian users.

Camera 360

picture by


According to their official site, this app got the best application of 2016 from Google Play. We know that Camera360 is free to download and use for a photo editor with a free beauty camera feature. Of course, if you took a photo with this app, your face will brighter and feel so shine.

For the users all over the world, Camera360 has 4 million customers.

Beside could do magic for your photo, Camera360 contains professional editing tools and all themed funny stickers & motion stickers, art filters, poster templates and video effects. Your photo studio makes all your photos even better with selfie camera & photo editor.

However, if you are not satisfied enough with common features, Camera360 offers to upgrade in-app purchases.

Interesting right?

Beauty Plus

Picture by Vinicius Wiesehofer/

Easy photo editor and selfie camera, their tagline with 4 million users. Commonly, BeutyPlus has a little bit of the same features with Camera360.

But, what makes it different is BeautyPlus camera result looks more natural.

Refer to their official site, BeautyPlus offers simple, yet powerful photo editing tools, artistic effects, augmented reality (AR) filters and so much more to take your selfie game to the next level.

Moreover, BeautyPlus has a magic feature that can erase acne marks, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, edit eye color, add filters and special effects, blur photos. Cool!

From the survey, we can conclude that Indonesians love photography with a smartphone with an extra application. They would like to download the popular applications and make their pictures better before uploading them on social media.

So it is a big market for the photo-editor application developers to build the platform or application to fulfill Indonesian interest in photography.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • What Indonesian preferable condition to take picture with or without a smartphone
  • What Indonesian satisfied with a smartphone’s camera or not
  • How often Indonesian take a picture with a smartphone
  • What the object of Indonesian like the most when capture smartphone
  • How often Indonesian uploading a picture which captured by smartphone
  • How much the third parties of camera applications Indonesian have on smartphone
  • How often Indonesian edit the photos with an application
  • Summary

Check description of this report

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