Do Indonesian want to get married? | A Brief Survey about Marriage

PERIOD: 2018/11/19 〜 2019/5/19

Marriage is a binding ceremony that is celebrated or carried out by two people in love with the intention to tie their relationship in certain norms. In Indonesia, marriage is tied to religious norms, legal norms, and social norms.

Throughout Indonesian history, marriage is indeed not solely love and family matter. It is also part of the interests of religion and the state. This survey by Licorice will explore Indonesian’s decisions about marriage.

Q. Please select your residential area! (SA)

To be noted, most respondents are Java Island residents, with a percentage of 50.4%. Next to Java, respondents are residents of Sumatra with a percentage of 18.4%. Java and Sumatra are the most populous islands in Indonesia.

5.8% of respondents are also from Kalimantan and 4.8% other are residents of Sulawesi. There is a little percentage of respondents from Nusa Tenggara, Papua, and Maluku.

Q. Do you have a partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) now? (SA)

52% of respondents have partners, while 48% of others don’t have any partner. Well, boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t always end up in marriage. But, at least, there is a bigger possibility that most of the respondents are going to get married if they had any partner.

Q. When will you get married? (SA)

When asked about when they will be married, 31.6% of respondents wanted to get married after finding the right partner 28.4% of respondents wanted to get married quickly, while 27.4% of others wanted to get married sometime in the future.

More importantly, almost all Indonesians wanted to get married, although 12% of respondents said they did not think too much about marriage. There are less than 1% who clearly stated that they did not want to get married.

Q. At what age do you want to get married? (SA)

According to the result, 25 -26 years old is the most favorited age by Indonesian to get married, with a percentage of 30.4%, 23.6% Indonesian wanted to get married at age of 23-24 years old, while 13.5% other wanted to get married younger at the age of 21-22 years old. A decent 12.8% of respondents wanted to get married at the age of 27-28.

The survey proves that most Indonesian wanted to get married in their mid-20s. Mostly, Indonesians in their early 20s had just started their careers. In their mid-20s, Indonesians have usually developed their careers so that they feel confident to step into a more serious phase of relationship with their partners. They decide to get married.

Q. Do you want to celebrate a wedding? (SA)

Even though a wedding celebration is not considered cheap by most people, a whopping 83.8% of respondents wanted to celebrate their wedding. In Indonesia, wedding ceremonies have many variations according to ethnic traditions, religion, culture, and social class. The use of certain customs or rules is sometimes related to certain religious rules or laws.

Though not much, there are 15% of respondents who did not want their wedding to be celebrated.

Q. Please choose the criteria that you want from your prospective spouse/husband (to get married). (MA)

The most wanted spouse criteria asked by Indonesian is their natural behavior, with a percentage of 73.8%. This is quite understandable since some people have their characteristic that suits other behavior and vice versa.

Next to behavior, religion and kindness are also wanted by most respondents, with a percentage of 53.4% and 50.2% respectively. About kindness, who doesn’t want their partner to be kind anyway? so it is quite understandable if everyone wants their partner to be kind.

However, religion in Indonesia is a serious matter. Indonesian marriage is ruled by The Ministry of Religion. Cross-religion marriage is not permitted by law. Moreover, most of the Indonesian family are religious, which forbid their sons or daughter to marry others with different religions. This religion matter had been a high barrier for a lot of Indonesian cross-religion barrier.

The next factor, mindset, and appearance also wanted by most Indonesian. 35.4% of them want their partner to have the same mindset, while 29% other wanted their partner to have a certain appearance.

The next most considered point is age with a percentage of 22.8% and education with a percentage of 22.2%. As stated before, Indonesian prefer to get married at a certain range of ages. Meanwhile, some Indonesian think education highly matters in deciding marriage.


Most of the respondents are from Java and Sumatra. The survey clearly stated that most Indonesian wanted to get married. There are less than 1% who clearly stated that they did not want to get married. They wanted to get married in their 20s and they want to celebrate their wedding as well.

Indonesian’s willingness to celebrate their wedding should be a green light for wedding or event planner companies. Indonesian wedding ceremonies are varied regarding religious beliefs, customs and family. It will be good if event planner companies could provide many options regarding their beliefs and custom. The larger market for a wedding event is in Java and Sumatra which have a better economic condition.

In deciding their prospective husband or spouse, Indonesian have a lot of criteria. Most wanted and considered partner criteria are behavior, religion, kindness, mindset, appearance, age, and education.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Indonesian residents area
  • Do Indonesian have a partner (boyfriend or girlfriend)
  • When Indonesian will get married
  • In what age, Indonesian want to get married
  • Indonesian willingness to hold a wedding party
  • Indonesian prospective spouse criteria
  • The most important points that Indonesian consider when choosing a prospective spouse
  • Summary

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