Overseas flavor that Indonesian Loves! (1/2) Salam Kenal INDONESIA! Vol.6

Hello everyone, this is Helena!

This time I will introduce about what kind of flavor does indonesian likes, mostly focusing on foreign country cuisines that Indonesian love!

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Indonesian use various kind of spice when making a dish. They have wide range of taste palate because every day they eat food that are very rich in taste. Because of that fact, many said that Indonesian must have a big interest in other country’s food. This market chance then allow foreign food restaurant or chain restaurant to successfully advance in Indonesia.

I tried to do some research to understand what kind of foreign cuisine that Indonesian favor. In big cities, they have American fast food chain restaurant, Chinese food restaurant, and also Japanese food restaurant available inside the shopping mall.

American Fast Food Chain Restaurant

In Indonesia, the most popular American fast food chain restaurant is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and following by McDonald’s and Wendy’s


In Indonesia, image of fast food is strongly related to fried chicken. Because of that, McDonald’s in Indonesia are also selling fried chicken. Majority of Indonesian will think that you haven’t properly eat if you haven’t eat white rice at every single meal, so KFC and McDonald’s add white rice to all their fried chicken set menu. Actually other than fried chicken and hamburger, McDonald’s in Indonesia also sell other variants of menu such as spaghetti, porridge, etc.

Chinese Food Restaurant

Chinese food taste is pretty familiar for Indonesian, therefore there are so many Chinese food restaurant across the country.


This time I will take one restaurant as an example: Din Tai Fung. I personally often visit this place. They serve many variant of food and it taste pretty good. This restaurant specialty is steamed bun or xiao long bao. The sell it for about 500 yen.

Japanese Restaurant


There is a restaurant that is available in almost shopping mall in Indonesia and you will always see people lining up to eat at that restaurant. That is Japanese Restaurant called Sushi Tei. Sushi Tei is not only serving Sushi but also other type of foods such as donburi and nabe. They also properly set the restaurant indoor design to have that Japanese ambience. However they adjusted the taste so it will fit Indonesian taste palate. They also offer drink (hot or cold ocha) for their customer for free.


Recently Korean Food also increased in numbers. It is trending because of Korean drama that aired in television, hence it’s not unusual to see many Korean restaurant in many places. For Korean restaurant, the most popular one is a barbeque restaurant called Han Gang.


There are lots of Koreans food that are spicy and majority of Indonesian loves spicy food. Indonesian really loves Korean restaurant that allow their customer to choose the food spiciness based on level so the customer able to challenge their self by eating really spicy food.

Indonesian do not define a restaurant only based on the taste of the food, but also whether they can experience something while being there or not, it is quite an important point for Indonesian. Things such as design and ambience becoming pretty important. Like fast food restaurant, they have many seats so people can eat and be relax. Indonesian seems to wish for restaurant to have many choice of food. Therefore restaurant that have so many choices of menu will have good reputation.

So what do you think?

This article will be continued to one more article after this one. In this one we’ve talked about foreign cuisine taste that Indonesian love so in the next article I will introduce the kind of seasonings that Indonesian have in their home!

And as for you who want to know about Indonesian, please leave your comment below!

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