High Risk to Get Stress, Indonesian Workers Have To Be Careful

Stress is a common feeling that you feel when thinking too much and you not being able to deal with it. As a worker, especially in Indonesia, stress is like an enemy who may come every day.

A lot of things become a reason to feel stress. According to 2017 Global Least & Most Stressful Cities Ranking graded the 150 major cities in its study based on a wide-spectrum of stress-measurement metrics, including traffic, air pollution, noise pollution, population density, public transportation, unemployment and even factors like mental health and gender equality, Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, is the categorized of Asia’s most stressful cities below Kuala Lumpur and above Manilla.

On the other hand, Licorice in the same year, also survey about what and how Indonesia to deal with stress feeling. We’ll find out all of these answers through a survey which was done by Licorice.

SURVEY PERIOD: July 24, 2017 – December 31, 2017

SURVEY RESPONDENT: 500 Indonesian, aged 10-59 years old, men and women

Q: Are You Feeling Stress? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

According to the data above, 57.89% of respondents in Indonesia feel the stress. After realizing that stress feeling is like a killer bee, we should know where that feeling comes from. When we asked to the respondent, work is the primary reason to give the impact of stress feeling.

Q: Where is Stress Feeling Come From? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

According to the chart, it is clear why many workers in Indonesia often to feel the stress. Several problems in office make them feel it, such as company policy, boss pressure, and have no support team. These reasons made workers more terrible than other sources that probably make stress too, for example, family life for parents, future plan for teenagers, or even from school environment for students.

If someone had a stress, the body condition will not feel well. Respondents said usually they will strike by a headache more than any part of the body. Look at this chart below:

Q: What effects that occur in your body when you feel stress? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Above 60% respondent said they feel headache when stress. It will feel direct after stress can not be handled. In some cases, it also followed by a lack of sleep and stiff shoulder, stomachache (Maag), and depression.

On the other hand, Indonesian workers have a good awareness of stress. They said really careful not to be stress in life. Look at the chart below:

Q: Do you care to not to feel stress? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

The survey said 85.63% respondent already careful if had a stress feeling. It is a very good point for Indonesian workers because they know how to handle it. However, there are some easy ways to eliminate the stress which Indonesian people usually do. Especially for workers who have stress because of their job. One of the simple ways is talking. By talking to someone who trusts the most, sharing problems could reduce the emotion and stress feeling.

So now, with whom they will talk when they get a stress? For Indonesian, according to the survey, family is the best place to share everything.

Q: Who is the person you talk to when you feel stress?

Survey Done by LicoriceFor Indonesian, 49.7% of respondents said family is the most favorite place to share when got stress. It followed with  34.73% of respondents believe if their partner will release stress feeling when talking. Friends also followed in three lines with 26.55%. 

Somehow, Indonesian has a unique way beside sharing or talking to release the stress. Look at the chart below:

Q: What do you do to release stress feeling? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

For Indonesian, eat food that they like when get stress is the first option. According to the chart, 41.72% of respondents do that. It also followed by eating sweet food, by 19.36% of respondents. Foods give the best exit to solve the stress. Because, when you feel stress, the energy is lost to the emotion. You are not able to think clear and good. So you need something to eat to get your good feeling back.

The results of this survey show that Indonesian is absolutely can not be avoided from stress feeling, not only workers but also everyone, like a student, housewife, or even elder people. However there are many ways to eliminate it and feel better. It only need to open your feeling and share problems what makes you stress. You may do it with family, friends, or partner.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Do Indonesian feeling stress or not
  • How Often Indonesian Feel Stress
  • What effects that occur in the body when feel stress
  • Where did the Stress mostly came from
  • Who is the person Indonesian prefer to talk
  • What do Indonesian do to release the stress
  • Do Indonesian care enouth to not to feel stress
  • Summary

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