How much Indonesian like to watch sports matches?

Sports are known for having beneficial for physical and mental health. Sometimes, the hobby of exercising leads to the pleasure of watching sports matches. In Indonesia, how many people like to watch sports matches? What kind of sports do they watch? Let’s find out from the survey below

Period: 2017/8/23 – 2017/12/31
Respondents: 500 Indonesia men and women


Q: Are you interested in sports? (SA)

Based on Licorice’s survey, about 43.2 percent excited in sports. From Statista’s data, Indonesian like to exercise for less than one hour every day or one to three hours per week. Especially now that many people are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, many types of sports can be done in a group, so it’s fun. Like Zumba, cardio dance, or yoga.

While 38 percent is quite interested in sports. This usually happens because sometimes people exercise depending on the mood. If you are passionate, they can be very regular in sports, but if the mood is not good, they tend to be lazy to exercise.


Q: Do you watch sports matches? (SA)

Even so, 42.8 percent answered sometimes watch a sports match. That’s because they only watch games from the sports they like. Or even, for most women, they only watch if their favorite athlete or team competes.

In the second place, is 33.4 percent often watch a sports match. There was only 8.2 percent who never watch a sports match.


Q: What sports match have you seen? (MA)

About 63.8 percent like to watch a soccer match. Not only watching it, but Indonesian also loves to play soccer. Big games are one of the reasons why they watch soccer. It creates great debates and great fun. Not only that, but these big matches tend to be something special that everyone can enjoy.

And, 37.2 percent like to watch a badminton match. When it comes to badminton, we can hold our chests out high, because Indonesians are consistently among the best in the world. So that’s why Indonesian have always been obsessed with badminton.


Q: Where do you watch sports matches? (MA)

For some people, like 59.6 percent of respondents, prefer to watch sports matches at home. Firstly, it is because watching at home is a good way to spend some quality time with your family or friends. Next, you’re not gonna miss anything. You get a closer view of every play. It shows you the game from multiple angles, they use still cams, sky cams, drone cams, and even end zone cams. You’re not gonna miss any details and enjoy your game fully. Lastly, if you watch lively at a stadium, people around you shout, talk to each other, sometimes even obstruct your view, and there is very little that you can do about this whole situation.

But, 32.6 percent choose to watch a sports match at stadiums. For those who choose it, watching at stadiums is one of the most thrilling experiences for any true sports fan. Electricity and anticipation are waiting to see what athletic feat your favorite player will accomplish right in front of your eyes. Also, stadiums can host thousands of screaming fans who are just as passionate as you are about your team.


Q: Which do you prefer between watching sports and exercising? (SA)

About 42 percent prefer to watch a sports match than exercise. Most teenagers today get increasingly lazier. Add to this fewer people continue sport after school-age & the draw of on-line gaming or time spent on computers. It’s way easier for people to watch sport than play. While 37.8 percent like both. Watching can help to see a lot of skills or techniques that can be used when they exercise.


The Conclusion

Soccer and badminton are arguably the most popular sports in Indonesia. It was probably because soccer and badminton easily played by everyone than other sports. Moreover, for badminton, Indonesian players have won most of the major championships, and they still hold the most win at Thomas Cups. Since 1992, Indonesia also has Olympic Gold. So that’s why Indonesian like to play soccer and badminton, also watch those matches.

Indonesian prefer watching matches at home. There are two main reasons. First, because they want to have a quality time with family or friends. Seconds, watching from televisions make them get a closer view of every play and shows the game from multiple angles. Also, you don’t need to spend money, because watching at home is free.

It would be a good opportunity if local television or cable television broadcast many sporting events, especially soccer and badminton. Or maybe, create a sports-specific channel.

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