Indonesian Is Not An Alcoholic, But The Market Still Wide Open: Survey

Drinking alcohol in Indonesia is a kind of taboo for some people. It because of drinking alcohol is contrary to the laws of one religion which belief by Indonesia’s major population.

Nevertheless, it does not mean the government banned it or punish everyone who drinks it. As a pluralist, democratic and secular nation, the government also gives the right to them who still wants to drink it.

To find more about the preferences of drinking alcohol in Indonesia, let’s take a look at the survey which was done by Licorice.

Periode : March 31, 2017〜 December 31, 2017
Respondent : 500 Indonesians, consist of 34.67% of male respondents, 63,93% of female respondents, and 1,40% of other respondents

Question: Do you like alcohol? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the survey, most of the respondents stated hate drink alcohol. Meanwhile, it does not mean Indonesia dislike with alcohol at all. About 20% of respondents stated love drinking alcohol. According to the chart, there is still possible to sell alcohol in Indonesia.

When it is possible, there is a market to the several kinds of alcohol, such as beer, wine, champagne, gin, and vodka. But what is the popular alcohol for Indonesia? Let’s find the preferences of alcohol which Indonesian like to consume from the charts below:

Question: What kind of alcohol do you consume? (MA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the survey, there are top five of alcohol that Indonesian like the most. The first rank is beer with 12,8% of respondents. The second rank is wine with 10.4% of respondents. The third rank is Cocktail and Champagne have the same percentage with 4.4% of respondents. The last two ranks are Vodka and Gin, with 4,2% of respondents and 2.6% of respondents. According to the data, we ensure that beer is very popular for Indonesian alcohol consumers.

As mention in the first paragraph, most of Indonesian feel taboo to drink alcohol. It means that drink at the public is a very rare moment. So, if someone wants to drink alcohol, they should find a proper place which provides the drinks with a legal. Look at the charts below:

Question: Where do you usually consume alcohol? (SA) 

Survey Done by Licorice

Home is the safer place to drink, about 14.8% of respondents stated it. Meanwhile, restaurants and bars are the second and the third top places to drink. Usually, people bring along together friends or partners to celebrate a special event like a birthday party or to release the stress feelings after work.

Indonesian Strong Enough to Drink Alcohol Daily

Even though Indonesia has a tight law for drinking alcohol, it does not make the frequent to consume it dwindles. Moreover, according to the survey, Respondents stated Indonesian is strong enough to consume it. Look at the two charts below:

Question: Are you strong (means not easily get drunk) in consuming alcohol? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Question: How often do you consume alcohol? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the charts, about 19% of respondents stated that they are a strong drinker. It means that not weak to feel drunk. Then, followed to the next charts, it shows that 8% of respondents stated they drink alcohol every day or even until 5 times a week about 10.8% of respondents stated it.

Finally, based on the survey, the alcohol market in Indonesia is very open. The minority has good trends to consume it so often. Meanwhile, they can not drink at the public place, some bars or restaurants are very recommended places to sell it.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Do Indonesian like alcohol or not
  • Are Indonesian not easily get drunk when consuming alcohol
  • What kind of alcohol Indonesian most to consume
  • How often Indonesian consume alcohol
  • Where do Indonesian usually consume alcohol
  • With whom Indonesian consume alcohol most often
  • When Indonesian feel to consume alcohol
  • Summary

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