Indonesian Wallet Problems, What kind do they prefer?

The wallet has been one of the must bring essential for a lot of people. Money, bank cards, identification, driving license, electronic money, member cards, and even coins are sometimes crammed into a simple wallet. As it is, Indonesian have their preferences in the wallet. Take a look at the survey!

PERIOD: 2018/12/7 〜 2019/6/7

Q. What kind of wallet do you use right now? (SA)

According to the result, short folding wallets are the most used wallet by respondents with a percentage of 75.8% Next to short folding wallets, respondents use long wallets with a percentage of 16%. A few respondents use other kinds of wallets such as cardholders, coin wallets, etc.

We can conclude that most Indonesian use folding wallets, with short type as the most favorited. This might be due to its simplicity. A short folded wallet also fits in most trousers’ pockets.

Q. What color is your wallet do you use? (SA)

Black colored wallet is the most used wallet by respondents with a huge percentage of 56.6%. Other than the black wallet, almost 30% of respondents use brown wallets.

Based on the survey, we can say that Indonesian still ‘play safe’ in choosing wallet color. Their chosen are not so colorful. There are only a little number of Indonesian use other colors such as blue, grey, red, pink, beige, white, and so on.

Q. How much is your current wallet? (SA)

The wallet prices of 61.8% of respondents are not expensive, whose price is lower than Rp 100 thousand. The other 25% of respondents use Rp 100 -200 thousand wallets.

About 10.2% of respondents use wallets whose price range is between Rp 200 – 500 thousand. There were only 0.8% of respondents whose wallet is more than Rp 1 million.

By this range, we can say that Indonesian prefer cheaper wallets, whose prize is less than Rp 200 thousand.

Q. What important points do you like from your wallet? (SA)

Based on the survey, 37.03% of respondents think the design is the most important point of a wallet. As stated by a previous survey result, we can see that Indonesian prefer the short-folded style.

Next to design, wallet color and shape are also considered important by 28.43% and 26.82% of respondents respectively. By these standards, the black colored short-folded wallet will be the best seller in Indonesia.

Other important aspects that are considered by Indonesian are material and durability. If a wallet was made from good quality material, the durability will be better. These two aspects are considered important since durability become one of the most faced problems by Indonesian regarding their wallet in a later survey result.

Q. Please choose the minus points of your current wallet (SA)

When asked about the minus point of their current wallet, an easily-damaged wallet is a problem stated by most Indonesian with a percentage of 30%.

Contrary to their preference in choosing a short-folded wallet, 16% of respondents think that their card place in a wallet is too small and needs to be enlarged. 14.29% of respondents even simply say that their wallets are too small.

Q. How long have you been using your wallet? (SA)

20% of respondents have been using their wallet for 6 months – 1 year, while 18% other used their wallet about 1-6 months.
There are 15.8% of respondents that use their wallet for 1 – 1.5 year period, while 14.6% other have been using their wallets for 1.5 – 2 years period. Most Indonesian, with a percentage of 73.2% has been using their wallet for less than two years.

Q. How do you get your wallet? (SA)

Most Indonesian with a percentage of 73% buy their wallets. 22.8% of Indonesian got their wallet from other people, such as family, partner and friends.

Q. When will you change your wallet? (SA)

Most Indonesian likely to change their wallet when their wallet is damaged, with a percentage of 53.21%. There is 23.47% that will change their wallet if their wallet was simply torn. These factors are also related to the durability problem faced by most in the previous survey result.

31.92% of respondents stated they will change their wallet if the wallet was lost. Thus, we can say that damage and loss are the main reason for Indonesian to change wallets.

Q. Are you satisfied with your current wallet? (SA)

50.6% of Indonesian are pretty satisfied with their current wallets.  44.4% of Indonesian are even very satisfied with their wallets.
There were only 4.2% who are not satisfied with their current wallet. Thus, we may say that most Indonesian are satisfied with their wallets.


Most Indonesian use folding wallets, with short types as the most favorited. Black and brown would most likely rack top sales in the Indonesia wallet market.

Talking about price, Indonesian prefer cheaper wallets, whose prize is less than Rp 200 thousand. Meanwhile, the three most important aspects of a wallet are design, color and shape. Three problems mostly faced by Indonesian wallet owners are its durability, space and its regular size.

This situation is quite unfavorable for wallet manufacturers to fulfill all of the Indonesian demands on the wallet. On one side, Indonesian wanted the wallet price is cheap. On the other hand, the manufacturer needs more expensive material to built a wallet with better quality and durability. So, one aspect should be sacrificed or compromised.

Most Indonesian buy their wallet, or getting it from family, partner or relatives. This fact that wallet is also considered as a gift choice in Indonesia.

Against all odds, most Indonesian are satisfied with their current wallets. Damaged and lost are the main reason for Indonesian to change wallets.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Kind of wallet used by Indonesian nowadays
  • Wallet color mostly was chosen by Indonesian
  • Indonesian wallet price
  • important points Indonesian like from their wallet
  • Indonesian satisfaction with their wallet
  • The minus point from their current wallet
  • How long Indonesian use their wallet
  • How Indonesian get their wallet
  • When Indonesian will change their wallets
  • Sample wallet picture currently used by Indonesian
  • Summary

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