Indonesians love to eat Rendang Spicy Curry

Curry is a portion of food that originated in India. The popularity of curry then spread from India to all corners of the world, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, curry dishes have been adapted to local tastes. Just like India, curry in Indonesia is also rich in spices, but Indonesians always add coconut milk to every curry dish that makes it different from other curries.

What is the fill of curry which is Indonesian’s favorite? Where do they usually eat curry? You might wanna see this one.

Period: 2017/11/30 – 2018/5/30
Respondents: 500 Indonesia men


Q: Do you like to eat curry? (SA)

Based on Licorice’s survey, about 47.8 percent, quite like to eat curry, followed by love to eat curry with 41.6 percent. Indonesian’s favorite with curry might be because Indian and Indonesian both use spices when cooking. So that curry is easily accepted on the tongue of Indonesians.


Q: Where do you eat curry? (MA)

About 64.6 percent choose to eat curry at home, the results of their cooking. Curry recipes are easy to follow. Especially now that there are many instant curry seasonings sold in supermarkets. It makes people easier to cook curry at home. While 27 percent prefer to eat curry at restaurants. Some people want to save time. Instead of going to the grocery store or supermarket, buying the ingredients of curry, and cooking it, they prefer to go to a restaurant.


Q: What kind of curry do you eat? (MA)

About 52.8 percent like to eat rendang curry. Rendang is one of the most popular Indonesian food in the world. Therefore, when rendang is used as a curry’s fill, Indonesian people like it.  Besides, recipes and cooking tutorials of rendang curry are also widely available on the internet, so people can make their own at home.


Q: How spicy curry do you like? (SA)

Not a secret if Indonesian like to eat spicy food. That’s why 78.8 percent like to eat rather spicy curry. Some Indonesians feel the food is less tasty if it doesn’t taste spicy.


Q: What the best side dishes to serve with a curry? (MA)

Rice is a staple food for Indonesians. There is an eccentric saying that Indonesians do not feel like eating without rice. As a result, no wonder if the majority of the respondent, about 69.4 percent, choose white rice as the best side dishes to serve with the curry. Then 8.8 percent choose prawn crackers for the side dishes. The crunchy texture of prawn crackers is considered appropriate and is suitable when eaten with curry. The crackers will be added to the curry seasoning and the combination will make people want to continue eating.


Q: What is the dishes curry do you like? (MA)

Because rendang curry is well-liked by Indonesians, then in the first place for the selected curry filling is beef with 68.6 percent. Followed by chicken with 44.6 percent and lamb with 19 percent. Beef and chicken are two of the easiest foods to vary and are accepted on the tongue of Indonesians. While for lambs, not everyone likes it because it is rather difficult to process when cooking it.


Q: Do you know ‘Kare Pan’? (SA)

Kare pan, or also known by curry bread, is a popular Japanese food. It consists of Japanese curry, wrapped in a piece of dough, which is then coated in bread crumbs and deep-fried. On occasion, it is baked instead of deep-fried, but deep frying is the most common method of cooking.

The majority of Indonesians from the survey, about 49.8 percent, don’t know about Kare Pan. Only 21 percent know and have eaten Kare Pan. Not many people sell it in Indonesia. There are only two online stores that sell Kare Pan. The price per-one Kare Pan is sold at Rp 8,000.


The Conclusion

Curry is a food that is quite popular and liked by Indonesians. Plus, it must taste spicy and served with rice to taste more delicious. Indonesia has a large market if you want to try sells curry. Especially many varieties of curry that can be processed to adjust the Indonesian tongue, including Kare Pan, because Indonesians mostly don’t know and taste it.

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