Indonesia’s Elementary School Lunch Preferences, Student Cafeterias are Popular Than Own Meals

Base on research, lunch is a very important meal for everyone. especially elementary students in a growth period. Sure it provides energy and nutrients to keep the body and brain working during school time. We know that homemade box lunch is healthier than food outside. Parents can control the ingredients with a delicious taste.

But actually, students in elementary school do not like it. They prefer to eat at the school cafeteria because it has various preferences dishes during lunchtime.

Besides the school cafeteria and own meal from home, there are several preferences for lunchtime for students in elementary school. Let’s find out do they satisfied or not with Licorice’s survey

PERIOD: June 28, 2019 – December 28, 2019
RESPONDENTS: 250 of Indonesian males, 250 of Indonesian females, age 10-59.

Question: How do you have lunch during elementary school? (MA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the survey, male and female students have own characteristic for a lunch menu. But both of them have the same preferences in cafeteria as the top answer. So now let’s break down the answers.

According to the chars, 38% of female respondents stated that they bring their own meals, only 24.4% of male respondents do the same. Usually for Indonesian male students who bring own meal to school will feel a little bit hesitant Because what are they do like a female. Eat homemade lunch is not cool from a male’s perspective. So the trends show that more females do this thing than males.

Another interesting point is catering. Generally, schools will provide the catering for student lunch. It will help schools take control of student healthy life. But again, it is not very popular for male students because somehow they think catering is boring and not much menu variants. According to the chart, female stated this point is 4.8% and male is only 3.2%.

Lunch in restaurants, is that necessary for students?

Restaurants may be the best place for lunch with a full variant of dishes. But for students, it not really favorite. Even for males, although it will be cool to eat in restaurants but no one thinks it is the answer. While 2.4% of female respondents think restaurants still reliable for lunchtime.

Students in elementary school think lunch at home is better than buying in the restaurant. The first reason is because of the price. When in the restaurant student will spend some cash but at home it is free. Students can add the portion as much as they want. But lunch at home will take their time when on the way from school to house. They should hold when already starving.

Are students satisfied with lunch?

The answer is yes. Seizing 90% of respondents both male and female said it. Now we look at the chart below:

Question: Are you satisfied with your lunch varaety or taste that you consume during elementary school? (MA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the responded students, both male and female, stated that they feel satisfied with the trends is more than 90%. Only 0.8% of males feel not satisfied and 2.4% of females said the same. So it is clear that lunch is various enough that are provided during school, whether it is cafeteria, own meal from home, catering, or restaurants.

Last but not least, for your information, the data is collected from three different types of elementary schools.  So now look at the chart below about the divided of respondents.

Question: What type of your elementary school? (MA) 

Survey Done by Licorice

From males and females respondents, the majority answer comes from public school. So it will probably slightly different survey answers if the majority comes from private schools or international schools.

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