Mosquito coils are still bought by Indonesians

Indonesia has become one of the mosquito favorite countries. One of the reasons is because of Indonesia’s humid tropical climate. Especially when the rainy season arrives because that’s when mosquitoes breed. What steps do Indonesians take to deal with mosquito bites? What are the most effective mosquitoes repellent?


Let’s find out from the survey below.

Period: 2017/11/2 – 2018/11/2

Respondents: 500 Indonesia men and women


Q: Do you often get bitten by mosquitoes? (SA)

According to the survey above, about 41.2 percent, regularly bitten by mosquitoes. Only 1.4 percent never bitten by mosquitoes.

Why do some people always get bitten while others don’t? 85 percent of why mosquitoes are attracted to you comes down to your genetics, researchers say. Things like your blood type and how much lactic acid you have on your skin play a big role. Also, you are more at risk for mosquito bites if you are pregnant, obese or overweight, wearing dark clothing, or if you haven’t showered in a day or more.


Q: Did you do something to deal with mosquito bites? (SA)

Many people are bitten by mosquitoes, eventually, make them do something in anticipation. About 44 percent answered that they always do something to deal with mosquito bites. While 28.8 percent only sometimes do anticipation mosquito bites.


Q: What mosquito bite countermeasures you do? (MA)

Repellents, clothing, netting and other personal protection measures can help prevent mosquito bites. In Indonesia, 42.4 percent choose to use mosquito coils. This type is one that is widely purchased because the price is cheap. However, in health research, it was found that emissions from mosquito coil smoke can be a pollutant that endangers health. The concentration of pollutants from turning on mosquito coils is not by good air quality standards for health.

While 28.4 percent use mosquito repellent spray and 24.4 percent prefer to use mosquito repellent lotion and wipes. Both types of mosquito repellents are considered safe and practical. Like mosquito repellent lotion are easy to carry. These types are available in various scents and sizes, from sachets to tubes, from products for adults to children.

In Indonesia, the brand of mosquito repellent that most people buy because it is effective. For the type of spray, a popular brand is Byagon, Hit, Vape, and Force Magic. Then, for the type of lotion, people are accustomed to buying the Soffel and Autan. Last, for mosquito repellent coils, it is Baygon, Bagus, and Top One.


Q: What things you would consider in selecting mosquito bite countermeasures? (MA)

About 62.4 percent consider the benefit of the product when selecting mosquitoes repellents. People will look for products that have formulas that can immobilize quickly and prove to be very effective.

In the second place, 26 percent choose to buy a product that doesn’t contain substances that irritate the skin. It is because some people have sensitive skin, so they have to surely know about the main ingredients in mosquito repellent. Also, has a good fragrance. There are a variety of mosquito repellent products include delicious fragrances, such as the aroma of oranges, aloe vera, or apple.


Q: What diseases that can be transmitted by mosquitoes? (MA)

Several diseases can spread through mosquito bites. 76.6 percent know about dengue fever. Dengue virus is transmitted by female mosquitoes mainly of the species Aedes Aegypti. These mosquitoes are also vectors of chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika viruses. The Indonesian Ministry of Health noted that from January 2020 to March 2020 there were 17,820 cases of dengue fever in Indonesia.

About 61 percent know about malaria. The disease caused by the Plasmodium parasite is usually spread through Anopheles mosquito bites. Usually, the symptoms and complaints of malaria will appear in 10-15 days after a mosquito bite. In 2018, malaria-endemic areas in Indonesia are quite high with 10.7 million people infected. The spread of malaria in the endemic areas is highest in the provinces of Papua, West Papua, and East Nusa Tenggara.


The Conclusion

Mosquitoes love to breed in Indonesia. No wonder that many dengue cases occur in Indonesia. Avoiding getting bitten has always a concern in places. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes is to use mosquitoes repellents. Mosquitoes repellent coils, spray, and lotion is three types that are often used. Each has a brand that is superior to Indonesians. If you want to try to explore the mosquito repellent business, make sure it contains a formula that quickly kills mosquitoes and smells good. Or you can also try to sell electronic mosquito repellents because the product is starting to get much attention.


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