Survey: How do Indonesian Wash Their Clothes?


Washing clothes is essential for keeping hygiene. Washing clothes has been part of history since humans began to wear clothes.

In the past time In Indonesia, when the river had not been polluted and before the washing machine was founded, it is common to see people washing clothes on the river. At that time, people brought their dirty clothes with a basket.

Then they washed their clothes on the river and later brought the clothes back to be hung on a clothesline under the sunlight. Nowadays, this routine is hard to be found in Indonesia. You might still see people washing clothes on the river in more rural areas or villages.

How do Indonesian wash their clothes nowadays? Check this survey!

PERIOD: 2018/11/29 〜 2019/5/29

Q. Do you like washing clothes? (SA)

Before going anywhere, let’s see how Indonesian love watching clothes. According to the result, 39.48% of respondents said that they like washing clothes a lot, while 36% other quite like washing as well. About 15% of respondents did not say that they like washing clothes, but they don’t mind to wash some clothes.

There were only about 10% who rather don’t like or don’t like washing clothes at all. As a result, we can conclude that most Indonesian love washing clothes.

Q. Do you have a washing machine? (SA)

If we talked about washing clothes, there should be a discussion about the washing machine. The machine has been part of a great invention in households live in Indonesia.

Based on the survey, there were 69.34% of respondents have a top opening door washing machine, showing that this kind of washing machine is owned by most. Front door and other washing machine models were owned by only about 11% of respondents. Meanwhile, 9.44% of respondents don’t have any washing machine.

According to this, more people have a washing machine with a top door opening in Indonesia.

Q. Who usually wash your clothes? (SA)

About 69% of respondents wash their clothes themself. Meanwhile, some respondent’s clothes were washed by their family or couples, which percentage is 11% each. More Indonesian wash their clothes themself than being washed by others.

Q. How often do you watch clothes? (SA)

Most of Indonesian, with a percentage of 47.9% wash their clothes almost every day. 24.5% of respondents wash their clothes 2-3 times a week while others 16.03% wash their clothes 4-5 times a week. 7.41% of respondents wash their clothes once a week.

Q. What kind of detergent do you use? (MA)

In the modern era, detergent is essential for washing clothes. In Indonesia, Liquid detergent is the most used detergent, with a percentage of 50.7%. Powder detergent is the second most used detergent, with a percentage of 41.08%.

Most detergent manufacturers in Indonesia produce these two kinds of detergent, liquid, and powder. They market their products everywhere from small shops to department stores. The products also produced in various sizes.

Liquid and powder detergents are the most common favored detergent by Indonesian. Meanwhile, Gel and other kinds of detergent are less favored since the percentage barely reach 5%. These kinds of detergent other than liquid and powder are also uncommon to be found in Indonesia.

Q. What are the important points that you consider when choosing detergent? (MA)

There are several deciding factors for Indonesian to buy detergents. Most Indonesian are affected by quality in buying detergent, with a percentage of 37.9%.

Not only quality, price and brand are considered when buying some detergents, with a percentage of 30.46% and 16.63% respectively. Unfortunately, with a percentage of 5.21%, Eco-friendly detergent is still unfavored by most Indonesian.

Q. Which one do you prefer, laundry or dry cleaning? (SA)

According to this result, 52.3% of respondents don’t use either laundry or dry cleaning, which means they wash their clothes themself.
There were 27.86% of respondents who use both laundry and dry cleaning.
With a percentage of 14.63%, the laundry-only user is higher than those who only use dry cleaning with a percentage of 5.21%

The Verdict

According to this survey, most Indonesian undoubtedly like washing clothes. They mostly wash their clothes almost every day, or at least once a week.

More people have a washing machine with a top door opening. In Indonesia, top door opening washing machines are usually used by households, why front or middle door washing machines are used by laundries.

Some Indonesian also use washing clothes services. The number of people who don’t use laundry or dry cleaning is slightly higher than those who use them.

Washing clothes cannot be done without talking about detergent. In Indonesia, Liquid and powder detergents are the most favorited detergent by most. Gel and other kinds of detergents are less favorited.

Ultimately, the most important points considered by Indonesian when choosing detergent are quality, price, and brand.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Do Indonesians have a washing machine
  • Who usually wash Indonesian’s clothes
  • How often do Indonesian wash clothes
  • Do Indonesian wash clothes by their hand
  • Kind of detergent Indonesian use
  • What important points that Indonesian consider when choosing a detergent
  • Indonesian preference for laundry or dry cleaning
  • Do Indonesian like washing clothes
  • Summary


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