The western pop song is Indonesian people’s favorite when doing karaoke

Karaoke relieves stress and boosts self-esteem and confidence, while also building social connections—all major life extenders. Karaoke originated in Japan and then went on to become popular in other Asian countries. How about in Indonesia? Is Karaoke also popular in here? Let’s take a look at a survey done by Licorice.

Period: 2017/8/23 – 2017/12/31
Respondents: 500 Indonesia men and women


Q: Do you like karaoke? (SA)

About 38.6 percent quite like karaoke, followed by really like karaoke with 37 percent. Karaoke is a fun activity for some people because it considered able to refresh the mood for the better when people are unhappy. Whether you choose to sing or not, chances are you will enjoy the show. However, taking part in the singing will make it an even more memorable event for you. When we sing, our body releases hormones that cause us to be happy.

In Indonesia, karaoke is usually done when you’re feeling broken-hearted, or when you’re on a reunion, even a farewell event. Because of the popularity of karaoke in Indonesia, the karaoke business also increased rapidly. Some celebrities also opened a karaoke place. One of the most famous karaoke places is Inul Vizta belongs to Indonesian dangdut singer, Inul Daratista.


Q: How often do you go to karaoke? (MA)

More than half of Indonesian go to karaoke more often than once a month, and contrastingly, 14.6 percent go karaoke almost every day, whereas those who go to karaoke almost every day are usually workers. where they go karaoke to release the job stresses by singing.

16 percent go karaoke less than once a year. This type of person usually only goes to karaoke when there is a special event, such as farewell from a colleague or family event.


Q: With whom you go karaoke? (MA)

According to the survey above, 47.8 percent go karaoke with their friends. Karaoke is even more fun when with friends. Besides being able to sing together, the money that must be spent to pay is cheaper because of a joint venture. Moreover, karaoke with friends, no need to worry about the bad voice or style when singing because it will be more valued as togetherness. Followed by partners with 37.2 percent and family with 29.2 percent.


Q: What genre of song you sing when you karaoke? (MA)

Pop music is the most favorable genre for Indonesian when karaoke, with a huge 73.8 of them loves it. Other genres such as rock, dance, R&B, or folks consecutively being choices for listeners. Pop music began in 1960 when local bands began to create. Then, initiated by the band Koes Brothers (Koes Plus), replacing music that was originally filled by bands from Malaysia and Singapore. The emergence of Koes Plus brings popular music that is easily enjoyed by people in Indonesia. After its popularity, many famous Indonesian singers or bands born. Even with a different look, but contains elements of popular music with each image. So even then, pop music continues to regenerate and develop following the trend.


Q: Which country song do you sing when you karaoke? (MA)

About 50.4 percent choose to sing a song from the west country, like the US or England, followed by South Korea with 22.6 percent.

Some people said because from childhood they tend to be familiar and introduced to western songs. Besides, from western songs, they learn English, where it is an international language. While for South Korea, in recent years, Korean music has been very popular with the people of Indonesia. That catchy music in the ear makes this music in demand in the Indonesian market. Not only music, but Indonesian people are also happy to see and even practice the dance in Korean music videos. No wonder if based on Spotify data, from 2014 to January 2020, there was an increase in K-Pop listeners by 1,800 percent. K-Pop music has also been played more than 134 billion minutes on Spotify.


Q: Do you have a karaoke machine? (SA)

Although like karaoke, but 62.2 percent don’t have a karaoke machine. In Indonesia, karaoke machines are sold at various prices ranging from Rp 500.000 to Rp 12.000.000 or even more. But right now, it’s a karaoke mic trend. It is a more affordable price that makes people interested to buy it. Besides, it’s easy to carry around.


The Conclusion

Indonesians love karaoke, especially when with friends. Western songs with the pop genre are still selected as songs to sing while karaoke. The business of building a karaoke place still has great opportunities for the Indonesian market. Or if you don’t have enough money, you can sell a karaoke mic that is currently loved by many people in Indonesia.

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