Things that Indonesian do when they have a fever

Fever is characterized by an increase in body temperature to more than 38C from normal body temperature, which is between 36.1C to 37.2C. Indonesians often experience fever, especially in the rainy season. When they started to feel ill or even got sick, what are the main step that is usually taken?

Let’s find out from the survey
Period: 2017/9/11-2018/12/11
Respondents: 500 Indonesia men and women


Q: What is the first symptom of fever that you feel? (MA)

The first symptom of fever that 60.8 percent feel is their body warms up. Usually, the body will warm up in the afternoon and evening, While 33.2 percent feel headache, followed by cough with 32.6 percent.


Q: What do you do when you feel a fever? (MA)

Based on Licorice’s survey, about 57.4 percent, prefer taking a rest when they feel a fever. Then, 40.8 percent take generic medicine. Generic drugs are types of drugs that have the same active ingredient content with patent medicines, also in terms of their use and formulation. This type of drug is sold at a much cheaper price than branded or patent medicines. Thus, people are easier to buy generic drugs because they do not require a doctor’s prescription and are sold in every pharmacy.


Q: Are you preparing for fever medicine at home? (SA) 


There is 48 percent that always prepared fever medicines at home. Diseases that are often found by children and adults are fever, cough, runny nose, and diarrhea. Therefore, some people provide medicine for the disease at home. For fever, people usually buy paracetamol. The drug is safe for consumption by adults and children.

While 45.6 percent only buy drugs when they got sick. This is because some people think that if they are stocking drugs at home for a long time, then the drugs will expire and cannot be consumed. So they choose to buy medicine when they feel sick.


Q: What do you think is most important when choosing a fever medicine? (MA)

According to the survey, 44.4 percent consider that as prescribed by the doctor’s prescription is important when buying drugs. Some people feel safer when they consume drugs based on a doctor’s prescription. Because of a doctor know exactly what I’ll they feel and also know about what drugs they should consume to get better soon.

Meanwhile, 31.8 percent consider the drugs that match the symptoms experienced. This is more for people to guess what symptoms of pain they feel, then they will go to the pharmacy and buy drugs according to the symptoms. For example, when they feel their body warms up and think it’s a fever, as a result, they will buy fever medicines.


Q: What activities you do to protect yourself from fever? (MA)

Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the keys so you don’t get sick easily. That’s why 60.2 percent choose to live a healthy lifestyle to protect themselves from fever or another disease. A healthy lifestyle begins with adequate rest, regular exercise, consumption of healthy and nutritious foods, and taking vitamins or supplements.

Moreover, 40 percent prevent with diligent handwashing. Eighty percent of common infections are spread by hands. Washing your hands at least five times a day has been shown to significantly decrease the frequency of colds, influenza, and other infections. Not only will it help keep you healthy, but it will also help prevent the spread of infectious diseases to others.


The Conclusion

Indonesian people are quite prepared when they have a fever. The survey illustrated that when they feel their body warms up, they usually immediately rest and consume generic medicines. They even always prepare fever medicines, like paracetamol, at home. That’s because fever is often found by children and adults.

Also, when buying drugs, Indonesian consider that as prescribed by the doctor’s prescription is important. Some people feel safer when they consumed drugs based on a doctor’s prescription. Because of a doctor know exactly what ill they feel and also know about what drugs they should consume to get better soon. So, it would be better if doctors and pharmaceutical companies work together to provide the right and safe dosage of drugs to consumers.

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