What kind of detergent preferred by Indonesian?

Appearance somehow becomes an important matter foremost. Being looking good in appearance at some point is in line with being careful with our clothes. That means our sensitivity toward the cleanliness of our clothes becomes important, including consideration when buying and using detergent.

So, what kind of detergent do Indonesian people usually use? What important factors must be present when choosing detergent?

This result is from a survey done by Licorice.

PERIOD: 2020/1/18 〜 2020/7/17
RESPONDENTS: 501 Indonesians

Q: Who is responsible to do the laundry? (MA)

Indonesians have a habit to wash their clothes. Based on Licorice’s survey, 60.8 percent of males respondents and 46.4 percent of females respondents wash their clothes by themselves. Some 35.2 percent of males respondents answered that their clothes were washed by his family members, so 45.6 percent of females respondents too. There were only 4 percent of males respondents and 8 percent of females respondents have a helper to do laundry.


Q: What kind of laundry detergent used in your house? (MA)

About 80.4 percent of males respondents and 78.4 percent of females respondents use powder detergent for washing. While 42 percent of males respondents and 42.8 percent of females respondents use liquid detergent for washing

One of the reasons why more Indonesians use powder detergent because it is cheaper compared to liquid detergent. Besides, the powder detergent is considered to work better in removing impurities from outside the home such as mud, clay, or dirty grass.


Q: Detergent with and without softener, what variety do you use the most? (MA)

Based on Licorice’s survey, about 81.6 percent of males respondents and 78.4 percent of females respondents choose detergent with softener. While 18.4 percent of males respondents and 25.2 percent of female respondents choose detergent without softener.


Buying Preferences

Q: What is the size of the most used laundry detergent in your house? (MA)

According to Licorice’s survey, 52.8 percent of males respondents and 48.4 percent of females respondents buy detergent less than one kilogram. Then, 38.8 percent of males respondents and 42.8 percent of females respondents buy detergent in size of two to three kilograms. The size of detergent purchased is usually seen from how many people live in one house. The fewer members, the smaller size will be purchased. Meanwhile, more family members mean the bigger size will be purchased.


Q: What points do you consider important when choosing a detergent? (MA)

The decision to buy a specific detergent brand mostly depends on the respondents themselves. From the chart above, 65.5 percent of males respondents consider the price as the most important thing when choosing a detergent. They would like to pay as little as possible.

While 59.6 percent of females respondents consider fragrance. For women, the fragrance is important because it makes them smell good.  When they match with that fragrance, they are likely to buy the product again. Also, using a fragrance that suits your personality increases your chances of attracting future charming partners, it builds your self-confidence and lifts your spirits.

Next, 47.2 percent of males respondents consider the detergent function. For example, when they have white-colored clothes, they have to look for products that have bleach or for colored clothes, they look a detergent who has a brightener so that the color of clothes does not get faded by the bleach and instead remains fresh after the wash as well.

At the same time, 41.2 percent of females respondents consider the brand. Most customers prefer buying products from a brand they are familiar with because it makes people safer and reduces the risk of disappointment.


The Conclusion

Most Indonesian use powder detergent with a softener mixture. Also, they more often buy detergents measuring less than one kilogram. There are four factors to consider when Indonesians buy detergent, which is fragrant, price, function and brand.  If the fragrant element and function are in well-known brands at low prices, then Indonesian people will certainly buy the detergent.


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