What toys Indonesian parents want for their kids? | A Survey

PERIOD: 2018/11/29 〜 2019/5/29

Indonesia is said to have a large market in the toy industry for the Asia Pacific. Indonesia, which has a population of 250 million, has many children under five reaching 24 million. Meanwhile, elementary school children reach 32 million, especially the birth rate every year reaches 5 million.

To understand more about Indonesian demands on a child’s toy, take a look at the survey below!

Q. Please tell us your child’s age: for those who have more than 1 child, please select the age one of your children. (SA)

Based on the survey result, there were almost 50% of respondents whose kids are aged less than 3 years old. Almost 30% of respondents’ children are aged 3-8 years old. Meanwhile, 20% of respondents said their kid is aged 8-14 years old.

Based on these age demographics in this survey, the toys that described and will be bought by parents are the most likely child’s toy.

Q. Please tell us your child’s gender. (SA)

The result said, 55.76% of respondents have male kids Meanwhile 44.24% of respondents’ kids were female. It can be concluded that there were more boys than girls, which pictured a slightly higher demand for boys’ toys than girl toys.

Q. Please choose any toys you bought to your child in the past 1 – 2 years (MA)

According to the survey, most bought toys by parents are dolls with a percentage of 24.82%. Dolls are easily the easiest toy that can be found. Moreover, nowadays, dolls are not only for girls. There is a lot of dolls variation and model that are played as well by kids. It is safe and suitable for kids and toddlers.

Dolls are followed by creativity toys as most bought toys, with a percentage of 22.13%. Well, most parents want to boost their kids’ creativity. No wonder there are a lot of them bough creativity toys for their kids. The same reason happened on educational toys which percentage is 19.43% as one of the most bought toys.

The next most bought toys are vehicle toys wit a percentage of 19.8%. Vehicle toys could be used as the first medium to explain to kids about a real-life situation. Most kids will see vehicles on the roads, and it will always be fun to play vehicle toys as a kid.

Musical instrument and video games also become one of the most bought toys with a percentage of 15.74% and 15.46%

Q. How does your child get the toys? (SA)

Most of the Indonesian kids with a percentage of 61.7% got their toys from their parents. Meanwhile, 18% of kids’ toys were given by their grandparents. About 27% of Indonesian kids also got their toys from parents’ friends or gifts from colleagues.

Q. Where do you usually buy kids’ toys? (MA)

The survey result showed that most parents usually buy their kids’ toys from kids toy shop with a percentage of 55.6%. Other choices for parents to buy toys are from online shops with a percentage of 23%, market with a percentage of 18.72, and mall or supermarket with a percentage of 13.6% and 11.6% respectively.

Regarding the result, the best way to market toys production is through the kids’ toy shop, online shops, and put the toys in a mall or supermarket.

Q. What points that you consider important when choosing your child’s toy? (MA)

According to the survey, Indonesian parents are affected by the kid’s choice in buying toys, with 37.9% of respondents that will buy toys that the child wants. They simply buy toys if the kids demanded it.

However, parents’ consideration is not only based on the child’s wants. They also consider its safety with a percentage of 29%, usefulness for kids education with a percentage of 26% and toys benefit in increasing child’s creativity, with a percentage of 25.7%.

Some parents also consider the price and toy’s suitability for their children.

Potential Market for Toys in Indonesia

As stated before, said to have a large market in the toy industry due to its Children population. There are special events that boost toy sales in Indonesia, for instance religious big days Eid or Christmas.

Lebaran is predicted to boost children’s toy sales. The Indonesian Toy Association (AMI) projects sales to increase 5% to 10% in every Eid. It is even predicted that the market size of kids equipment products in Indonesia will reach Rp10.4 trillion. Even that number experienced an average growth of more than 12% per year.


The survey pictured that Indonesian most bought toys are dolls, creativity toys, vehicle toys, educational toys, musical instruments and video games. The toys were bought by parents. If not, kids’ toys were given by their grandparents or from parents’ friends as a gift.

Most parents usually buy their kids’ toys from the kid’s toy shop. Other choices for parents to buy toys are from the online shop, market, and mall or supermarket. Thus, the best way to market toy production is through the kid’s toy shop, online shop, and put the toys in a mall or supermarket.

The most important points considered by parents in buying kids’ toys are what kids want, creativity and educative stimulation, safety, price and proprietary with a child’s age.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Indonesian children’s age brief demography
  • Indonesian children gender
  • Kind of toys Indonesian bought to their child in the past 1 – 2 years
  • How Indonesian children get their toys
  • Where do Indonesian buy toys
  • important points that Indonesian consider when choosing their child’s toy
  • Summary

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