Are Indonesian Young Learners Ready to Adopt Digital Lifestyle at School?

It’s been years that this world-first started adopting the digital lifestyle. Digital technology keeps improving gradually and is hoped to make our life easier. A guy sitting on a bench is looking down on his phone, reading an ebook. In the other part of the country, a girl is sitting in front of her laptop from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, typing and clicking.

As mentioned, computers are one of the most important devices—aside from mobile phones—to implement a digital lifestyle. However, how familiar are Indonesians with computers?

Take a look at the chart below to see when exactly they started to learn using computers.

SURVEY PERIOD: JULY 11th, 2019 – JANUARY 11th, 2020

When did you learn the computer for the first time? (SA)

Some parents have introduced computers to their children even before they enter elementary school. However, the number isn’t higher than those who first learn computers from the 1st until 6th grades of elementary school.

Although the number of those who first learn computers when they’re in High School or above is relatively low, evidently, 3.6% (18 respondents) have never learned using computers at all.

The chart shows that Indonesians tend to start learning computers in Middle School. The number is pretty high—39.8% (199 respondents).

Digital Lifestyle for Young Learners

To see a 25-year-old girl sitting in front of her computer all day, side by side with dozens of other employees is not a strange view at all.

However, it’s a different case if we’re talking about students, especially young learners. Although the Middle School students are familiar with computers and able to use it, not many schools—with the same or lower levels—have shifted students’ books into computers or tablets.

Are young learners—kids from 5 to 12 years old—able to implement a digital lifestyle in their learning process?

Even though there are 12% (60 respondents) from 1st until 3rd grades of elementary school and 20.6% (103 respondents) from the 4th until 6th grades of elementary school who have learned and are familiar with computers, it won’t be easy to shift the physical paper into the digital form.

Many factors must be considered, such as introduction to the new system and method, the supervision, and of course cost.  The digital lifestyle for young learners might happen, but it surely needs a lot of patience and habituation.

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