Do most Indonesian own a personal computer?

A Survey about Computer Ownership by Licorice

PERIOD: 2019/8/7 〜 2020/2/7

Nowadays, knowledge about the importance of the benefits of computers has spread widely throughout the world. Even in remote areas in developing countries, people understand that expertise in the computer field is very valuable.

Computers can provide new opportunities for people, both for their education, entrepreneurship, and their work. Computers proved able to help improve people’s lives.

Do you own a personal computer (desktop/laptop)? (SA)

According to the result, 63.2% of Indonesian respondents claimed to have a personal computer. However, 36.8% of Indonesian still don’t have personal computers.

Despite the survey result, the level of computer ownership in Indonesia is still very low compared to other countries in the Asia Pacific region. Referring to the latest data from the Central Statistics Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, the level of computer ownership in households in Indonesia is still at 17.30 percent.

The low level of computer ownership in Indonesia is mainly because computers are still considered a luxury item for some Indonesian people. Computers that are considered expensive items are one of the reasons why people are still not interested in having a computer.

However, Indonesian also aware of the need for personal computers, especially for working and educational purposes. If the personal computer price can be lowered, there is a high possibility that the number of computer ownership in Indonesia could be increased.

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