Indonesian is More a Coffee Person rather than Tea!

A Survey about Coffee and Tea in Indonesia
PERIOD: 2019/10/10 〜 2020/4/10

You might always find instant coffee as well as instant tea in every Indonesian family cabinet. Every day, they face options, to brew their coffee or tea. Every Indonesian have their reason for their choice.

However, according to a survey by Licorice, Indonesian likes coffee more than Tea.

Q. Between coffee and tea, which one do you like better? (SA)

Based on the result, 67.6% of respondents preferred Coffee. Meanwhile, 27.2% chose tea, and the other 5.2% don’t really like both.

Indonesian’s fondness for coffee is understandable by the fact that lately, there is a rapidly growing number of coffee shops in Indonesian cities. In big cities, you might find coffee shops for every several hundred meters. They serve a variety of coffee.

For Indonesian, coffee has become a habit to be consumed instead of tea. In various regions Indonesian coffee also can be found with different types and has a unique taste.

Many Indonesian think coffee can improve mood. Coffee is believed to help people focusing on their work, especially if they are sipped in the morning.

Coffee also had become a part of lifestyle Indonesia. Evidenced by the bustle of coffee shops and even many people who are willing to order expensive coffee or those from certain shops. All is done to be considered to exist on social media as part of lifestyle change in Indonesia.

Despite Indonesian preferences on coffee, tea is still served. Though, the number of tea shops is way lesser than coffee shops. Most Indonesian mostly serve tea while eating, or gathering with their family.

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