Indonesian Prefer Rice than Anything Else

A Survey about Primary Meal in Indonesia
PERIOD: 2019/7/24 〜 2020/1/24

Which one do you like the most as your primary meal? (SA)

It is undeniable that rice is the main food of Indonesian. The lower middle class to the upper classes in Indonesia considers rice as the main food. There are several regions in eastern Indonesia that do not choose rice, but most rice is a staple food in this island nation.

According to the survey result, a whopping 88.4% of Indonesian respondents preferred rice than any other meal. There were only 6.8% of respondents chose noodles, while the other 4.8% chose bread.

There are several reasons why rice had been the main food in Indonesia until now.

In the past, Indonesia used to be known as an agricultural country with vast rice fields in its islands. Indonesian managed to harvest rice in high number. So rice was simply the easiest food that Indonesian found.

Indonesian favoritism for rice also has been embedded early on the Indonesian mindset. There’s a classic saying from Indonesian parents: “If you had not eaten any rice, you have not had any meal yet!”

Yes, a meal in Indonesia is considered as a meal of you eat at least a plate of rice. How about bread, noodles, meatballs, and any other food? Well, we Indonesian call them ‘snacks’.

Indonesian also understand that rice is not always good for health, due to the high quantity of carbohydrates. However, Indonesian always find a way to keep eating rice. They managed to have red rice which contains a lower amount of carbohydrates. It’s still rice though.

From the age of 3, they had already been taught to eat rice. Indonesian also get used to eating rice three times a day. However, Indonesian never get bored eating rice until their old days.

Indonesian people’s fondness for rice also caused this country to have many variations of rice dishes. They also have a delicious taste. Those rice dishes are rice cake, fried rice, baked rice, and others.

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