Indonesian are Facing Serious Sleeping Time Problem | A Survey about Indonesian Health Awareness

Most Indonesian claimed that they had concerns about health. But do they have a health problem?

PERIOD: 2017/7/19 〜 2017/12/31
RESPONDENTS: 500 Indonesians

Let us take a look at the survey!

Q. Do you have special attention to health? (SA)

About 81% of respondents stated that they are deeply concerned about health, while 15.5% said they quite concerned about health.
Less than 4% of the respondents did not care about health. It can be said that generally most Indonesian care about health.

Indonesian do several activities to stay healthy. Such activities are doing sports, balancing food diets, regular medical check-ups and keeping enough sleeping time. Keeping sleeping time is the third most preferred activities with a percentage of 17.55%.

Despite their concern, however, most of the Indonesian average sleeping time does not say so. When asked about how long they sleep, most of them do not have healthy recommended sleep time.

Q. How long do you sleep in a day? (SA)

There are 74.7% of Indonesian sleep less than recommended daily 8 hours. Almost one-third of Indonesian even sleep less than three hours a day. Only 25% sleep from 8 to 9 hours a day.

Journal of World Health Organizations explained that the main effects of sleep deprivation include physical effects such as sleepiness, fatigue, hypertension. Lack of sleep time also causes cognitive impairment such as deterioration of performance, attention, and motivation, diminishment of intellectual capacity and an increase in the likelihood of accidents at work and mental health complications.

Inadequate rest impairs the ability to think, to handle stress, to maintain a healthy immune system, and to moderate emotions. Maintained total sleep deprivation is even fatal.

The day after a night of abnormal or poor sleep is, whatever the cause, a disturbing day. People can fall asleep at work, at school or when driving; feel tired; have concentration and vigilance detriments; have memory blanks; irritability; frustration; and have a higher probability of accidents or injury.

Indonesian youths are usually burdened with a variety of tasks and jobs. Students often get many assignments piling up from their school. While young workers are often forced to work overtime by the company where they work. For this reason, many young adults are willing to stay up every night to reach their study and work targets.

Also, hobbies or entertainment factors are included in the cause of lack of sleep in Indonesia. You will often meet people who like to spend time with their activities to run a hobby after they have to work all day. The purpose of hobbies or entertainment here varies. There is a continuity staying up late due to watching TV, playing games, reading, sports, and so on.

No less important, many urban communities, especially Jakarta, spend time on the road In fact, not a few Indonesian people experience sleep deprivation because they go home too late because of overtime, or the distance from their home to the office is too far away.


Based on the same survey, Indonesian do not really face serious health problems other than sleep. In alcohol consumption, there are a few 13.15% who consume alcohol. Meanwhile about smoking, 71.31% of respondents claimed they do not smoke, even almost 12% of respondents quit smoking.

Indonesian sports activities also went well on the survey result. 74.5% of respondents do workout every week, with 34.06 among them do it every day. There were only 6.47% of respondents who do not work out at all in a whole year.

When asked about foods, almost 34% of respondents concerned about nutritional balance in their diet. About 32% of respondents thought that fruits and vegetables must present. Though not much, 10% of Indonesian regularly have three meals a day.

Q. Are you satisfied with your current health condition? (SA)

Above all measurements, 52% of Indonesian are satisfied with their health condition, while 33.67% of respondents are quite satisfied. There are only 14.34% who are not really satisfied with their health condition.

However, despite their satisfactory, Indonesian’s lack of sleeping time is quite alarming. Therefore, there needs to be a program of activities or products that help the Indonesian people to be able to sleep well and enough.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Indonesian awareness of health
  • What Indonesian do to stay healthy
  • Indonesian smoking intensity
  • Indonesian alcohol drinking intensity
  • The most important aspects considered by Indonesian when choosing daily food
  • Indonesian workout intensity
  • Indonesian sleep intensity
  • Indonesian satisfactory on their current health condition
  • Summary


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