1. game

    I Love Games♪ Situation of the games in Vietnam from which you can’t take your eyes off!

    Survey on situation of Video Games in Vietnam34 years have passed since the arrival of Nintendo Famicom in Japan.…

  2. appliance

    Which home appliances do you have? Investigation on the situation of home appliances in Vietnam!

    Survey on the situation of home appliances in Viet…

  3. holiday

    What do you do during holidays? Survey on how holidays are spent in Vietnam!

    Everybody in Vietnam! What are you doing on holida…

  4. lesson_161111-660x400

    80% of people take extra learning lessons! Investigation on the situation of “Extra learning lessons” in Vietnam

    80% of people take extra learning lessons! Investi…

  5. sns-1

    Which SNS do you use? Investigation of the situation of most popular SNS in Vietnam!

    Survey on most popular SNS in Vietnam.…

  6. Health

    Investigation on Health Consciousness! What do the 50% of Vietnamese people do everyday?

  7. cafe

    2nd largest exporter of coffee!! Investigation of coffee circumstances in Vietnam

  8. laundry_161110-660x400

    [The need of something other than washing machine ] The surprising thing about the laundry situation of Vietnam known after a survey !

  9. onlineshopping-1

    Order & Home Delivery With Just Few Clicks! Investigation of The Situation of Online Shopping in Vietnam

  10. Oralcare

    Vietnam is more standard than Japan!? Survey about [Tooth brushing Habits] in Vietnam


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