Investigation on Health Consciousness! What do the 50% of Vietnamese people do everyday?


Investigation related to health consciousness!

In everyday life, do you do something to manage your health?

Even though a person knows in his mind that health is precious and important, there aren’t many people who take any action in this matter.

Is there a difference in consciousness of health due to the difference between Vietnam and Japan as a country?

Therefore, we investigated what kind of things people in Vietnam keep in mind about their health from a daily perspective.

Based on the data of “Questionnaire on health (*)”, we would like to introduce the health situation in Vietnam.

(*)Licorice Investigation
Questionnaire Delivery Period:2016.11.07-12.31
Questionnaire Respondents:500 male and female residents between the age of 10 and 40 years.


[Q.] Are you concerned about your health? (SA)


96% people answered, “They are concerned about their health”.

Everyone in Vietnam seems to be highly concerned about their health! (Slightly more number of males carries just a little more concern as compared to women.)

Because it’s our own body, of course we would be concerned.
“Health First” maybe the common slogan for the world.



[Q.] Please keep in check that you’re careful about your health. (MA)


When asked about “Being careful about your health”, the most common response was “Exercise” (32%).

Whereas other responses were “meals” (19%) and sleep (18%).

Looking at the difference between men and women, men seem to be care more about exercise.

It seems that women equally care about all the three things exercise, sleep and eat.

Three health principles “exercise” “meal” “sleep”.
In Vietnam as well, these 3 points are considered indispensable to lead a healthy life.


[Q.] Please check that you are careful with your daily diet. (MA)


When asked about “being careful with daily meals”, the most common result was “nutritional balance” (24%).

Following it was “to eat three meals” (22.1%) and “eating vegetables and fruits” (21.5%).The concerns in this order are very high.

By gender, women’s first preference is “to eat vegetables and fruits” (25%).

Vietnam is a treasure house of southern country fruits such as litchi and dragon fruit.

You’re surely are eating very tasty fruits.

[Q.] How often do you do sports or exercise? (SA)


When asked about “habit of exercise”, 45% of people answered “every day” followed by “three or more times a week” (18%) and “one or two times a week” (12%).

Apparently, about 50% of people exercise every day!
If estimation is done, the numbers of people who exercise more than once a week are 80% male and 61% female.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the percentage of Japanese people having the habit of exercise (*) was 33.8% for males and 27.2% for females.
(*)Those who have “exercise habits” are those who have exercised more than 30 minutes at least twice a week and have continued for more than one year.

Compared with this figure, one can see how the Vietnamese exercise frequently.

(Its surprising to see such a low number for Japanese people who have the habit of exercise. Let’s exercise more!)

Everyone in Vietnam seems to like exercise very much, so they are doing gymnastics and exercise in the park regardless of age and sex.

Moreover, since there are training instruments in the park which can be used by anyone, from the viewpoint of the environment too, the consciousness to exercise may increase naturally.



Challenges along with the wave of modernization! What are the things to be careful about?


In this questionnaire we found that everyone in Vietnam has the habit of exercising.

The secret of the low obesity rate in Vietnam may be this “love for exercise”.

Japan is the country with the best longevity in the world and has an obesity rate lower than the world average.

So it looks like a country with many healthy people but the increase in lifestyle leading to problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hardening of arteries and so on has become a serious social problem.

Even in Vietnam, people’s lives are enriched with recent economic development and it seems that the number of obese and diabetic patients is increasing due to changes in lifestyle including meals.

Moreover, from now on, there has been awareness about diseases and their prevention.

In both Japan as well as Vietnam, measures against lifestyle diseases will be a major issue in the future.

It is Vietnam which has high awareness of health.
It seems that the need for health related industry such as diet and healthy food related to prevention of lifestyle diseases are likely to rise.

Premonition of business opportunity for “health support” ♪

Let’s advance towards health together with everyone in Vietnam while giving advice as a senior with troubles of lifestyle diseases.

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