Mini Survey

  1. Here’s Why Mini-Markets Become Indonesians’ Choice to Shop

    Some people spend a day in a month doing some grocery shopping. Some others do it once a week. Other than supermarkets, …

  2. Indonesians Choose Domestic Resorts Over Overseas Resorts

    Frequently, people only have limited holiday time …

  3. Indonesian Loves Sunday! Here Are the Things That We Can Do on Sunday

    From Monday to Friday, most private and public emp…

  4. Most Indonesians Don’t Wear Glasses, Let’s See Some Tips for Healthy Eyes!

    Are you wearing glasses? Whether it is because of …

  5. Indonesians Tend to Change Their Smartphones Every Once in a Year, Why?

    Indonesians dependence on smartphones is unquestio…

  6. Indonesians Prefer Cooking at Home to Buying Foods at Restaurants, Is That True?

  7. What are the Favorite Places of Indonesians in Japan?

  8. Most Indonesians Agree that KFC’s Fries Are Better than McD’s

  9. Most Indonesians Take Selfies More Than Twice a Day! Where Do the Selfies End Up?

  10. Why Most Indonesians Prefer Chickens to Beef?


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