Indonesians Choose Domestic Resorts Over Overseas Resorts

Frequently, people only have limited holiday time in a week or even a month. In this case, going abroad or somewhere else far from home is not the best option. Nowadays, people prefer spending time alone or with the family to take a rest and pamper themselves.

Staycation, which means a vacation that’s spent close to home, becomes one of the most popular options people choose. A lot of people think that domestic resorts could be the best place to do a staycation.

Let’s see a survey from Licorice below to know whether it is true that people fancy domestic resorts more than overseas resorts to spend their holiday.

Survey period: January 28, 2020 – July 24, 2020
Respondents: 500 Indonesian men and women aged between 10-59 years old

Given the two options, the respondents who are mostly teenagers aged 10-19 and adults aged 20-29, 78.2% of respondents prefer spending time in domestic resorts. Meanwhile, more than 21.8% of respondents vote for overseas resorts. 

What is a resort? Is it the same as a hotel? 

The answer is no. They may have a similarity to provide a place for travelers. However, the significant difference between resorts and hotels lies in the purposes. While a hotel plays a role as a place for you to stay when you’re away from home, a resort offers you a home.

Hotel is a place to stay before and after visiting attractions outside. Meanwhile, the resort provides the attractions for the travelers inside its area.  

What to expect from a resort 

While hotels are usually located in popular or crowded areas, resorts are located away from the crowd, generally with mesmerizing views of mountains, beaches, forests, etc. 

Other than lodgings and meals, the infrastructure offered by resorts allow people to experience some relaxation and recreation, such as spa, gym, and even shopping center. 

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