Most Indonesians Take Selfies More Than Twice a Day! Where Do the Selfies End Up?

The technological advance has really made our lives easier, including in the photography field. Aside from analog and digital cameras, we can also take photos using our smartphones.

In 2007, the word ‘selfie’—which means a self-portrait digital photograph—gained its popularity. Everywhere around the world, people like to make their own self-portrait photos using their phones’ front cameras. Some people become addicted that they do it every day—even multiple times a day!

Let’s see how often Indonesians take selfies based on a survey who has done by Licorice!
Survey period: January 1th, 2019 – June 24th, 2020
Survey respondents: 500 Indonesians, aged 10-59 years old, men and women

Around 12 percent of the respondents take selfies 4-5 a week and once a day. Smaller numbers of respondents, take selfies once a week and 2-3 times a month.
Some people consider themselves to take selfies rarely—16% (80 respondents)—only once a month, and 19% (95 respondents) don’t take selfies at all.
The rest—and the highest number of respondents—which is 23% (115 respondents) take selfies more than twice a day!

Where do these selfies end up?

There are many reasons why people take selfies. Some of the reasons are to express feelings, show the beauty and gain confidence. People do this in various ways.
How long can you spend time texting with your best friends or boyfriend/girlfriend?

Within an hour of texting, you may send multiple photographs, including selfies, showing your friends that you’re eating noodles or showing your boyfriend that you just woke up from your nap.
Aside from throwing selfies in the phone’s gallery or friends’ chat rooms, most people like to upload selfies on social media, like Instagram stories and feeds, Twitter and Facebook.

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