Optical Market: Indonesia need Billion of Glasses!

PERIOD: 2019/11/30 〜 2020/5/29

There are a lot of people whose sight is not as clear as the bright sky. They need glasses or contact lenses to see clearly. How many Indonesian who need glasses or contact lenses?

Q. Is your eyesight normal? (SA)

According to the survey, 85% of Indonesian respondents stated their eyes were normal. However, 13.4% of Indonesian respondents needed glasses to see. Meanwhile, 1.6% of respondents needed contact lenses to see.

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health Research data, around 4.6 percent of the total Indonesian population wear refractive glasses and eyepiece.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association noted that as many as 10% of children and teenagers in Indonesia need eyeglasses because of eye refraction disorder.

Based on Indonesian Statistics Center data, Indonesia has more than 260 million residents, 27.2% of whom are children aged 18 years and under.

That means, around 70 million people are still children. If divided by 70 million people who are still classified as children based on Indonesian Statistic Center data, then those who need glasses are around 7 million children.

With these conditions, the optical market in Indonesia is very large, especially for the children and adolescents segment.

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