Do Indonesian Satisfied with their Job?

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Davis, Newstrom and Dresler, scholars of Organizational Behavior, on their book titled Human Behavior at Work, said that job satisfaction is “a set of favorable or unfavorable feelings for the employees to perceive their work and that determine the possibility of a major disposition to achieve higher performance”.

Some believe it is simply how content an individual is with his or her job, in other words, whether or not they like the job or individual aspects or facets of jobs, such as the nature of work or supervision.

Job satisfaction has been linked to many variables, including productivity, absenteeism, turnover, etc. It is significant because a person’s attitude and beliefs may affect his or her behavior, and eventually the output of the job itself.

The total population of Indonesia is based on the projected population of 2010‒2035 estimated at 267.05 million people, with the working-age population amounted to 196.46 million people. The number of the economically active population in 2019 reached 136.18 million people. Meanwhile, The total number of working people in 2019 was 129.37 million.

With those high numbers, job satisfaction is significantly important for the country’s economic growth. How do Indonesian manage their jobs? Do they satisfied with their jobs? Take a look at a survey done by Licorice below!

PERIOD: 2018/9/25 〜 2019/3/25

Q. Are you satisfied with your current job? (SA)

Talking about Satisfaction, 36.22% of respondents claimed they very satisfied with their current job. 37.8% of respondents were pretty satisfied with their current job. These answers should have appeared from workers whose careers were established well. Their job offers development, a good salary, or a great environment.

10.7% of respondents feel not satisfied, while other 15.26% even feel unsatisfied with their current job. We can see that, Most Indonesian are satisfied with their current jobs.

Q. Please tell us the reason you have your current job. (MA)

Most workers with a percentage of 17.97% stay in their current jobs because it matches the skill and certification that they have. Having a job which matched with skill is indeed a satisfaction. By doing so, not only the job will be done well, but it also can develop the skill.

The satisfaction can be added as shown by 17.55% of respondents who had their interest in the industry that the company runs. If the workers are already interested in the field of the company industry, there will be more spirit to maximize the job’s output.

One reason, well-paid salary also becomes one of the most employees to keep their job. Who doesn’t want to be well-paid anyway?

Appropriate working hours and day-offs availability are also considered as well. How good your work is, you still need time to rest and having a good time for a better physical and mental condition. So, work-life balance is a must.

Q. Do you feel the benefits of your current job? (SA)

Supporting the previous result, most of the respondents with a percentage of 49% strongly feel the benefits of their current job. 29.8% of respondents also adequate feel the benefits of their current job.

Meanwhile, 8.27% don’t feel the benefits of their office. Then 12.8% of respondents don’t feel the benefit at all. These groups of people might have contributed as unsatisfied employes as stated in the previous survey.

But, even though there was a little percentage who don’t feel the benefits, most Indonesian feel the benefits in their current jobs. That’s why most of them also satisfied with their jobs.

Q. How long have you been work in your current company? (SA)

When asked about how long they had worked, one-third of respondents said they had not worked yet, which probably are students. Since this survey also participated by students.

However some worker respondents answered. 9.56% of respondents have worked for 6 months-1 years, while other 8,42% have worked only for 1-3 months A decent 7.42 percentage of respondents had worked for more than 10 years in a company.

Based on the graph, we can see that most of Indonesian only had worked for less than three years in their company. This might be because most of them are fresh worker, or moved from one company to another in their first 3 years. Then they will stay long as shown by some percentage of those who have worked for more than 10 years.

Q. Have you ever thought of moving from your current job? (SA)

Since most of them stated they were satisfied with their jobs it seems unlikely that the worker will move from their current job. According to the survey, 53.64% of respondents don’t have a plan to move from their current job.

However, the possibility of moving still exists. The other 32.67% of respondents want to move if there were any better opportunities. 13.7% of respondents even want to move immediately.

Most Indonesian don’t plan to move from their current work.

Q7. When you choose a job, what important points do you consider the most? (MA)

Many Indonesian with a percentage of 37.5% will consider a job move depends on content and type of work. Meanwhile, 27.1% of respondents will be looking for a job based on their competency or skills

23.11% of respondents will consider a job move if the latter job related to the previous job. Salary is also considered important by 211.68% of respondents.


As we see, most of Indonesian are satisfied with their current jobs. By those results, we can see that top reasons that make Indonesian not moving from jobs are matched skills, interested in the industry, interested in job, salary and appropriate working hours and a day off.

Even though there was a little percentage who don’t feel the benefits, most Indonesian feel the benefits in their current jobs. Most of them don’t plan to move from their current work.

The three most considered aspects by Indonesian in looking for a job is the clear job description, related to self-skill, related to the experience before and salary.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Indonesian Job Status
  • Duration of Indonesian’s job
  • Do Indonesian satisfied with their job
  • Do Indonesian feel the benefits of their job
  • The reason why Indonesian stay in a job
  • Indonesian thought of moving from the current job
  • What important points do Indonesian consider the most when choosing a job
  • How Indonesian apply for their job
  • Summary


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