Survey: Indonesian Love Spending Time with Family on New Year

PERIOD: 2018/12/26 〜 2019/6/26

In some parts of the world, New Year’s Eve celebration and holidays are usually filled with festive activities and parties. But in Indonesia, the condition is a little different. How is Indonesian interest in the new year holiday?

Q. Did you participate in the countdown event on 31 December night? (SA)

If you go to the town center in Indonesia on new year’s eve, you’ll see a regular festive new year celebration with a lot of trumpets and fireworks. On the new year holiday, most of the amusement parks also filled by people. But, if you look deeper into more Indonesian society, more people prefer to stay at home on new years’ eve.

From the survey by Licorice, some fewer people participated in the Countdown event on 31 December night or celebrating new year’s eve than people who do not participate. There are 43.3% of respondents who join the new year’s countdown celebration. Meanwhile, there are 56.6% of respondents who do not participate in such an event.

Q. How do you spend your new year’s holiday? (MA)

Based on the data, spending time at home is the most preferred activity on the new year holiday with a percentage of 44.8%. The second most favorite activity to enjoy the new year holiday is spending time with friends with a percentage of 26.8%. Some other activity choices are spending time at the family’s home or traveling with family.

Besides showing that most Indonesian prefer to stay at home on New Year’s Eve holiday, the survey result also explains another Indonesian character, which is family-oriented. They love to spend their holiday with their family just as shown by activities like to stay at home, visiting other family’s homes, or traveling with family.

Q. When does your work/school start? (SA)

To be understood, the Indonesian government only put January 1 as National Holiday. So, if January 2 happens to be on the workday, most people will immediately return to work or go to school. This condition happened with 33.6% of Indonesian, which is the highest percentage.

However, there was a decent percentage of 21.4% who return to work one week after new year’s eve holiday. These people usually take a long leave for Christmas and new year holiday at once.

Q. How do you feel when you are close to starting your work/school again? (SA)

When asked about how they feel when the holiday is about to end, there are 34.2% of respondents who said that they want to return to school or work as quickly as possible after the new year holiday. Almost 30% of respondents still wanted to spend more time with their friends, while 26% of others still want more holiday.

Q. What kind of new year resolution do you want to achieve? (MA)

The new year is not a new year without a resolution! No exception, Indonesian also love this resolution and hope trends which always come up every new year.

From the survey, we can see that Indonesian’s most preferred new year resolution is about health with a percentage of 34.6%. Second and third preferred resolutions are related to saving and traveling, with a percentage of 27.6% and 27.4% respectively.

Some respondents also considered work certification, or academic learning enhancement for their new year resolution.
Indonesian prefer health for the new year resolution.

Q. What kind of year-end holiday do you like the most? (SA)

If Indonesian were about to spend the year-end or new year’s holiday, 59.2% of respondents stated that they want a relaxing time at home for new year’s eve holiday. There were 40.8% of respondents who stated that they want to do activities or travelling in his new year’s holiday.


Most Indonesian would likely spend their new year holiday by staying at home. They would love to spend their relaxing holiday with their lovely family before the work duties kick in again.

For these circumstances, many companies need to understand this Indonesian behavior on the new year holiday. For instance, a television company could make some interesting programs or show which can be enjoyed by the family. Video game developers could take this chance as well by producing fun family games to be played on the new year holiday.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Indonesian’s participation in the countdown event on 31 December night
  • How Indonesian spend their new year’s holiday
  • When Indonesian work/school start after the new year
  • What Indonesian feel when their holiday ends and back to work/school again
  • Indonesian new year resolution
  • Most favorited holiday activity by most Indonesian
  • Summary

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