Whatever the Religions, Indonesian Enjoy Christmas Holiday!

PERIOD: 2018/12/26 〜 2019/6/26

The end of the year could not be separated from two things, Christmas and Holiday. Christmas is the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Coming with Christmas is a Year-end holiday until the beginning of the new year.

Indonesia is a state with a huge majority of Muslims. Do Indonesians get a Christmas holiday too?


Q. What is your religion? (SA)

In this survey about the year-end Holiday, about 91% of respondents said that they were Muslims. Other than Muslims, there are 3.6% who are Protestant Christian, 2.2% Catholic, 1.2% Christian Orthodox, 1.2% Buddhist, 0.4% Hindu, 0.4% other religions or beliefs, and 0.2% are religionless.

This survey result is strengthened by the fact that more than 87% of Indonesian are Muslims. There are more than 207 million Indonesia who are Muslims. There are only 17 million Protestant or 7% and 7 million Catholics or 3%. It means there were only 10% who practically celebrate Christmas as a religious belief. Indonesian Christians usually go to church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In most churches and cathedrals.

However, whatever their religion is, Most Indonesian got a year-end Holiday every year. It means all Indonesian have their way to spend their Christmas holiday.

Q. How do you spend your Christmas holiday (24-25 December)? (SA)

Most of Indonesian, with a percentage of 27.69% prefer to celebrate their Year-End Christmas Holiday with their family. There is a big possibility that Protestants and Catholics are included in this group since most Indonesian prefer to spend religion’s sacred day with their family. Muslims with Eid, while Protestants and Catholics with Christmas. About 18.53% of respondents, who are practically Protestants and Catholics doing worship.

About 11.95% of respondents prefer to celebrate the holiday with some friends while 11.75% choose to return to their hometown. There was also a big possibility that most of them who are Christian and Catholics are return to their hometown to spend Christmas with their family.

On Christmas holidays, public places in Indonesian big cities also decorated with Christmas decorations. There are a lot of Christmas trees, Santa Claus and a lot of lights. Christmas trees in Indonesia are normally artificial ones made of plastic. Although less common, some people have real Pine trees to be decorated as Christmas trees. These Christmas vibes are enjoyed by those who enjoy the domestic holiday and shopping with a percentage of 10.16% and 8.37% respectively.

Q. When does the Christmas holiday in your work/school start? (SA)

Most of the Indonesian year-end holiday with a percentage of 41% started from 21 December or earlier before Christmas. There were not many Indonesian who started their year-end holiday after Christmas, with a percentage which is less than 20%.

With these conditions, it means most Indonesian already prepared their Christmas holiday a few days before Christmas, whether to go home or to spend other holiday plans.

Q. What do you have to do when the new year comes? (SA)

After the year-end holiday end, 43.6% of respondents chose to make resolutions and hopes for the upcoming year. About 33.07% of respondents prefer remembering what happened last year for their self-introspection. Other activities can be an alternative for Indonesian, such as send happy new year messages, cleaning the house or shopping.

The Verdict

So, we all know that Indonesian enjoy the Christmas holidays whatever their religion is. Those who practically consider Christmas as a religious practice will spend their holiday to pray and worship in their church, and spend the time with their family after. However, for those who are not Protestants or Catholics, they will spend their time on several activities such as shopping, or doing domestic holidays.

Companies need to keep the Christmas vibes on some holiday destinations or shopping malls, even though most of Indonesian are not practically Protestants are Catholics. Christmas decorations still attract a lot of visitors.  The high number of homecoming in Chrismast also should be noted by travel companies since millions of people return to their hometown on the Christmas holiday.



The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Indonesian’s religion demography
  • How Indonesian spend their Christmas holiday
  • Indonesian year-end holiday starting date
  • Indonesian thought about the previous year
  • What was waited by Indonesian in Year-end holiday
  • What Indonesian do when entering a new year
  • Summary

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