Indonesian Chose WhatsApp As A Worth Personal Notification, Why?

A push notification that appears on a smartphone receives from many channels. In Indonesia, there three main sources that support a push notification, the first is short message services (SMS), the second is electronic mail (e-Mail), and the third is WhatsApp.

For your information, push notification is the small message that can reach users in real-time only by showing the small icon at the home screen. Usually, when the messages are not important, the user will ignore it. Especially if the information is not credible and seems like a scam. So now, through the Licorice survey, let’s figured out which channel with the most convenient for Indonesian receive push notification

PERIOD: May 10, 2019 〜 November 10, 2019
RESPONDENT: 500 Indonesian, consist of 84.60% of males, 15.20% of females, and 0.2% of others.

Question: Which one is the most convenient channel for getting push notifications (notification message)? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

According to the survey, WhatsApp hit the top rank with 56.8% of respondents stated it. Meanwhile, email and SMS have almost the same rank with above 20% of respondents stated it. Based on the charts, we know Indonesian prefer WhatsApp notification above all.

Of course, it comes with the reasons, why Indonesian chose WhatsApp to be a convenient phone’s notification channel. When asked about it to the respondents, there are several preference answers, look at the chart below:

Question: What is your reason for choosing that channel? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the charts, respondents think WhatsApp simpler than SMS or e-mail. About 66.8% of respondents stated easy to access instead of safer, easy to check the truth, more personal, and unobtrusive.

The gap in percentage is quite far. Besides, Indonesian also choose WhatsApp as the excite channel to read the message instead of e-mail and SMS.

Question: If you get a confirmation message or ads notification, which one is the most messaging channel that excites you to read the message? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Refer to the charts, look a little bit similar to the previous one. But for the question, respondents having more interest in the unobtrusive and personality sides. But the dominant reasons still answer easy to access with the thigh gap.

WhatsApp is Worth Enough to Receive for Booking Confirmation

When there are several reasons to choose WhatsApp, currently many travel agents in Indonesia send the booking confirmation either for hotel reservations or travel tickets like train/plane send through the WhatsApp.
Because of WhatsApp is a very engaging channel to receive the notifications, then the survey asked the respondents about whar are they opinion about it.

Question: What do you think when getting a hotel/restaurant/flight booking ticket that you have booked through WhatsApp? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the survey, about 58.4% of respondents stated agree when any travel agents send the confirmation direct to their WhatsApp. While only 13.6% of respondents stated the opposite.

Finally, according to the chart, we can conclude that WhatsApp is the most valuable channel to get notifications instead of e-mail or SMS. Push notification makes users so excited and willing to open what the new things come up, for example, booking reservations or travel code for the travel agents.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Which one is the most convenient channel for getting push notifications
  • What is Indonesian reason for choosing that channel?
  • Which one is the most messaging channel that excite to read the message for Indonesian
  • What is Indonesian reason for choosing that channel
  • Which one is the most trustworthy channel for Indonesian
  • What Indonesian think when getting a hotel/restaurant/flight booking ticket that have booked through Whatsapp
  • Summary

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