Vietnam fashion survey! Online or real stores, which one is more popular?


A survey on how popular the use of Internet in Vietnam on fashion!

In Vietnam, the Internet has spread rapidly in recent years. Even among Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam has high Internet use! On this survey※ we will see interesting information about online shopping in Vietnam. ※This survey is done by Licorice. Survey conducted from October 19 to November 19, 2016. From 500 Vietnamese respondents.

Q.  Are you interested in fashion?(SA)

01 On the first question, “Are you interested in fashion?”, the survey shows that 94% of woman and 85% of men said that they are. This tells that majority of men and women are interested in fashion! And it is also quite universal that more women than men are interested in fashion.

Q. Where do you buy clothes and other fashion items and accessories?(SA)

02 03 When asked, “Where do you buy fashion items?”, and the results show that 42% of respondents buy from specialty clothing shops while 17% from supermarket. In other words, real stores and shops account for 60% of the purchases. On the other hand, online stores accounts for only 15%, which is lower as compared to real stores. It is also interesting to note that more women than men use online stores.

Q. Please choose the best source of information in making decisions in buying fashion items?


04 05When asked the question, on which source of information is the best in making decision to buy fashion items?, there is an overwhelmingly huge response that the Internet is the best source both for male and female respondents, followed by friends, television and magazine respectively. Social Network Services or SNS got zero percent as it may be possible that for respondents, Internet and SNS are the same. Also, it is very common that people turn to their friends for fashion advice.

On shopping online

From the information we see here, we can say that although a total of 57% of respondents say that they use the Internet in searching or inquiring about fashion items, only 15% actually make purchases online. In this regard, many people are obtaining information on fashion online but people are not very much so into buying items through the Internet. Perhaps the reason why online shopping is not yet popular in Vietnam is that the required infrastructures still need to develop and payments using credit cards are generally not yet popular among people. In Vietnam, people making purchases online are much fewer than those buying items in real stores. But with recent economic developments in the country, we will see how this view is going to change in the near future.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available. [Table of contents]

  • Vietnamese are interested in fashion
  • Vietnamese’s frequency of purchasing clothes
  • Vietnamese’s most frequently purchasing fashion item
  • Best time for Vietnamese to purchase fashion items
  • Vietnamese’s place to purchase fashion items
  • Vietnamese’s decision factor of purchase fashion items
  • Vietnamese’s favorite color of fashion items
  • Vietnamese’s information source about fashion items
  • Summary
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