Riding the digital music wave? Check what’s up with Vietnam music!

Let’s check out the music scene in Vietnam!

As the wave of digital music advances, market for CD’s is quickly becoming replaced by digital formats. With the explosion of the internet in recent times, is the time for digital music in Vietnam now at the doorsteps? Let’s take a look at a research※ done on music in Vietnam and see where we are at.




Q. Do you like music?(SA)

004 First on the question, “Do you like music?”, a whopping 98% said “Yes”, and this is true for both genders. From here we can definitely say that Vietnamese do really like music very much. From the response on this question we can say that music defines Vietnamese. You can therefore use music as a very good topic of conversation when you interact with Vietnamese.

Q. Which place do you find it best to listen to music?(SA)

005 When asked in which place you find it best to listen to music, most people answered “Home” where more than 70% of both men and women answered that they listen mostly at the comforts of their homes. From this we are left with few people who mainly listen to music outside of their homes. So you will find it very common that people would say “I listen to music at my home more than in any other place!” When you are listening to music at home, what kind of device or gadget that you preferred using? Let’s find out the answer on the next question!

Q. Please tell us what device or gadget you use when you listen to music?(MA)

006 When asked what device or gadget you use when you listen to music, 70% said they use smartphones followed by personal computers and digital audio devices. Smartphones reign the game! Not only smartphone is a very useful communication tool but a versatile music gadget as well. Indeed smartphones are very convenient music gadgets of today.♪ Also, looking at the top three devices which are the smartphones, personal computers and digital audio devices we can see here that digital music format is mainstream in Vietnam.

Q. How do you purchase music?(MA)


007 We can all agree that purchasing music through download is the best way used by most people in today’s time even in Vietnam. The option “Others” can be the video streaming site YouTube and other music websites which are also popular avenues patronized by Vietnamese to know and listen to the latest and hottest music hits.

At home, listening to music with smartphones

From this survey where 70% of people have answered, we can definitely say that in Vietnam smartphones are the most popular devices to listen to music with. Though not every people uses smartphone to listen to music especially at home, but it is the most convenient way to purchase music online and you can do that simply at the touch of a button. This fantastic feature on most smartphones makes it the superior gadget we have today to meet our music entertainment needs. Now in Japan where people also listen to music while traveling by bus, trains or cars, in Vietnam where the primary mode of transportation are motorcycles, how is that going to affect how they listen to music while they are “on-the-go”? Isn’t a not-so-good of an idea to listen to music while you ride a motorcycle? Just a thought. From this we also learned that smartphones are used not only as the main device to listen to music with but the preferred gadget to use to get and purchase the music the people want. For Vietnamese they see smartphones not only as a communication tool but an indispensable gadget to listen to music. Vietnamese ride in today’s wave of smartphone technologies that enhance their experience in listening to music. But like any other technologies, innovations quickly change. Before we know it something new comes out. We’ll stay tuned and be ready to get to know what is coming up next!

The detailed report which this article referred to is available. [Table of contents]

  • Vietnamese like music
  • Vietnamese’s frequency of listening to music
  • Vietnamese’s place for listening to music
  • Vietnamese’s favorite genre of music
  • Vietnamese’s favorite country of music
  • Vietnamese’s device to listening to music
  • Vietnamese’s place to purchase music
  • Vietnamese’s information source about music
  • Summary
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