[The need of something other than washing machine ] The surprising thing about the laundry situation of Vietnam known after a survey !

Investigation of laundry situation in Vietnam In the late 1950’s, one of the three revolutionary electrical appliances that appeared was the “Washing machine”. According to the “National Survey of Nationwide Consumption (2014)” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications statistics Bureau, the washing machine popularization rate in Japan was 98.8 % for family households having 2 or more than 2 members and was 95.2 % households with single person. At least 1 washing machine in a household became a common thing. How popular are washing machines in Vietnam, where people’s lives are becoming enriched along with the rapid economic development? I would like to introduce you to the laundry circumstances in Vietnam based on the data of “Questionnaire on Laundry* “. *Licorice Investigation Questionnaire Delivery period:2016.11.21-12.31 Questionnaire Respondents:500 male and female residents between the age of 10 and 40 years. Q. Do you have a washing machine? (SA)   1 When the people were asked whether they own a washing machine or not? It turned out that 69% of the people own a washing machine and 31% of the people do not have a washing machine. In Vietnam, out of every 3 people, 2 people own a washing machine. It seems that the most common type of washing machine is the “vertical type”. In Vietnam, there is more number of singles living in affordable shared houses or shared rooms than singles living alone in an apartment or condominium. In case of shared houses or rooms, it is common for singles to share a washing machine. Moreover, there are no domestic manufacturers in Vietnam; hence all the home appliances come are foreign imported goods. For Vietnamese people, it takes a month’s average monthly income to buy a “vertical type” washing machine and in case of “drum type” washing machine, it takes 2 month’s average monthly income. Hence, washing machine is a luxury item for Vietnamese people. Still, it can’t be denied that 69% ownership rate of washing machine is a very high number.   Q. Please tell us the type of laundry detergent you mainly use。(SA)


  Then, when asked about the type of detergent people use, the most commonly used detergent turned out to be “powder detergent” (64%) and following that was the “liquid detergent” at 27%. “Powder detergent” seems to be the most popular type of detergent in Vietnam. According to the Japan Soap Detergent Manufacturers Association’s “Survey on washing condition (2015)”, 72% of the people use “liquid detergent” and 19% use “powdered detergent”. In Japan, the majority of people using “liquid detergent” are overwhelming. Actually, the use of “liquid detergent” over the “powder detergent” increased around 2010. Before that, “powder detergent” was more common in Japan too. The reason behind the shift from the use of powdered detergent to the use of liquid detergent in Japan is accounted by reasons such as “it takes less storage space and is light and easy to hold”. In addition to that, “it requires rinsing only once, which leads to water, electricity and time conversation”.   Also, since drum type washing machines use less water, the powder detergent may get left behind in semi-solid form. Due to this factor too, the “liquid detergent” users seem to be increasing. Powder detergent seems to be popular in Vietnam, but what kind of transition will be there in future is a matter of interest. I also want a washing machine but there is something else that I need to get first! In summary, the rate of ownership of washing machine in Vietnam is 69% and “vertical washing machine” and “powder detergent” are the most popular in Vietnam. Therefore, a concern has been discovered. This questionnaire is being taken on smart phones, hence 100% of all respondents own a smart phone or tablet. It means that the ownership rate of smart phone and tablet is higher than washing machines. The price of Android smart phone is about 1 or 2 month’s average monthly income. Whereas, the price of the latest iPhone is about 5 months of average monthly income in Vietnam! In Vietnam, not just smart phones but washing machines are also luxury items. It is not an item you can easily buy. As Vietnam is undergoing economic development in an environment surrounded by the latest technology of the present day, state-of-the-art technology in all sectors is penetrating households at the same time. According to the results of this survey, the figures such as the mobile terminal ownership rate of 100% and the washing machine ownership rate of 60% seems to be telling which item the Vietnamese people want to get the most. Even if the washing machine’s priority is lower than the mobile terminal, the day when each household will have one washing machine is not that far. Along with the spread of washing machines, attention will be given to change in trends of the type of washing machine or type of detergent used.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available. [Table of contents]

  • Vietnamese’s type of washing machines in possession
  • Vietnamese’s role of washing clothes in their family
  • Vietnamese’s frequency of washing clothes
  • Vietnamese’s hand washing doer rate
  • Vietnamese’s type of detergents in use
  • Vietnamese’s decision factor of purchase detergents
  • Vietnamese’s occasion of using washing service
  • Vietnamese’s preference of doing laundry
  • Summary
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