What kind of sweets do Vietnamese like? Research on Vietnam’s sweets!


Research on Vietnam’s sweets!

What kind of sweets do you like?

I always check sweets shelves every time I go to stores. I like sweets that much!!

Now I’m curious about what kind of sweets do Vietnamese like.
Let’s check on situation of Vietnam’s sweets based on the data from : Questionnaire about sweets (2018)*

*According to Licorice
Questionnaire distribution date : 2017.05.02-05.31
Questionnaire respondents : 500 people, age 10 to 50s, male/female, all residing in Vietnam.


Q. What kind of snacks do you eat usually? (MA)


— Male —
1st Prize: Chocolates (66%)
2nd Prize: Ice Creams (45%)
3rd Prize: Puff Snacks (39%)

— Female —
1st Prize: Chocolates (71%)
2nd Prize: Puff Snacks (59%)
3rd Prize: Ice Creams (57%)

Chocolates, Puff Snacks, and Ice Creams are popular for both males and females.
Especially Chocolates seem to be the most popular sweets for them.
So Chocolates may be your first choice as gifts for Vietnamese people.

As females tends to choose multiple kinds of sweets comparing to males’ choice, females seem to eat more various kinds of sweets than males do

In Japan, some surveys indicate that people chose Chocolates as the most favorite sweets or the second as well as people in Vietnam.
Chocolates looks like to be tempting sweets for many people beyond country and culture.


Q. Where do you buy snacks? (MA)


— Male —
1st Prize: Supermarkets (43%)
2nd Prize: Shopping malls(37%)
3rd Prize: Convenience Stores (37%)

— Female —
1st Prize: Supermarkets (50%)
2nd Prize: Convenience Stores (47%)
3rd Prize: Department Stores (46%)

The most popular place to buy sweets is supermarket for both males and females.
It looks like people normally buy sweets in real stores in town, like shopping malls and/or convenience stores.

Although Street Stalls are not highly used (26%) to purchase sweets compare to other stores, Vietnamese people seem go there much more often than Japanese do.


Q.How often do you eat sweets?(SA)


— Male —
1st Prize: Once every few days (43%)
2nd Prize: Almost every day (37%)
3rd Prize: Once every 4-6 days (10%)

— Female —
1st Prize: Almost every day (36%)
2nd Prize: Once every few days (36%)
3rd Prize: Once every 4-6 days (10%)

While many males eat sweets once every few days, many females eat almost every day.
Females seem to eat sweets more often than males.
According to this survey, 70% of Vietnamese eat more frequent than once in few days.
Not only Vietnamese women, but also men seem to eat sweets quite often.


Vietnamese love sweets, regardless of males or females!!

The survey about sweets in Vietnam indicates following tendency:

Popular category of sweets: Chocolates, Puff Snacks, and Ice Creams
Popular place to purchase sweets: Supermarkets, Shopping malls and Convenience Stores
Frequency of eating sweets: 70% of people eat more frequent than once in few days

I’ve got an impression that Vietnamese men like sweets as much as women.
Family and friends in Vietnam should enjoy their gathering with their favorite sweets.

I heard that sweets made in Japan are popular in Vietnam, besides local sweets.
Actually, our staff in Hanoi are always happy when we bring them sweets from Japan as souvenir.
Also, when Vietnamese staff come to Japan, they buy a lot of Japanese sweets for their family and friends.

We should check what kind of Japanese sweets are popular in Vietnam in the future.


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