School Subjects Tutoring on High Demands in Indonesia

PERIOD: 2019/2/28 〜 2019/8/28
RESPONDENTS: 250 male and 250 female Indonesians

Indonesian consider tutoring as an important complementary activity. Most of Indonesian most likely will say that they had taken additional courses or tutorings for various subject areas or skill.

There are a lot of offered tutorings or courses being offered in Indonesia. Some of the tutorings are even considered most needed by Indonesian.

Q. What kind of course or tutoring are you currently joining? (MA)

Based on a survey by Licorice above, almost two-thirds of Indonesian are taking or had taken courses or tutoring, mostly school subject lessons. There are not many differences that can be found between male and female preferences. They took various courses subjects and skills to enhance themself for certain needs. For example, academic purposes, languages or skills certification. The percentage of respondents who don’t take any course is about 35%.

Q. If you had to take any course, what will you take? (MA)

Above all choices, most chosen courses or tutoring is school subjects tutoring, either for male or female respondents with a percentage of 27% for male, and 24% for female.

This survey emphasizes the message that Indonesian are in need of school subjects tutoring. The course is needed due to complicated academic necessities for students.

Indonesian students from elementary to senior high schools may face a lot of examinations from a wide range of subjects. They learn too many subjects such as Mathematics, Indonesian, English, and regional languages, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Social Studies, Arts and so on in one run.

In a semester, Indonesian students will at least facing a mid-term test and an end semester test. It means in a year, Indonesian students at least would have taken four major exams, excluding additional exams for each subject. Those exams also used as the main indicator and a passing grade for Indonesian students to progress to the next grade or level.

Meanwhile, many of Indonesian parents demand that their kid got the best results from the test. No wonder, many of parents enlist their kids to join additional subjects tutoring to boost their school test.

The second most taken course is Computer with a percentage of 24% for males and 20.5% for females. There are a lot of Indonesian who take computer courses since Indonesia is quite behind in terms of technology. The course is taken to increase their computer skills to face technological needs.

The third choice for males and females is rather different. Males’ third choice leaned on sports. Meanwhile, females are more into language, which is also preferred by males on the fourth alternative.

Q. What is your reason for joining a course? (MA)

There are several reasons that made Indonesian join a course. But most of them joined a course to pass the grade or school test, with a percentage of 37% for males and 34% female. The second highest reason for the course-taker is skill enhancement.

Q. How often do you usually go for a course? (SA)

When asked about intensity preferences, about 51% of respondents go for a course about once a week. There were only 9% of respondents who go for a course daily. Thus, it can be concluded that most Course-taker take weekly regular schedule for their course.

Q. How long is your preferred course period? (MA)

Regarding the term length, Indonesian males and females prefer to take 1-6 months course period. A lesser percentage of 10% take 1-3 years period. For additional note, a decent 15% male takes a short course in which length is less than a month.

Q. What makes you quit your lesson or course? (MA)

At certain points, Indonesian eventually will stop joining courses or additional tutoring. Based on the survey result above, there are several reasons that causing this.

About 32 – 37% of Indonesian stopped joining the course because they got no spare time. The second highest reason, 20-24% of Indonesian stopped their course because they did not have money. Time and money are the main reason why Indonesian quit the course

Language Courses

Q. What’s your most preferred language course? (MA)

Language class still had special places in Indonesian. On that matter, English class is demanded by most Indonesian. About 70% of Indonesian would like to take The international language course ad their first preferred language course. Other than English, Indonesian are interested to learn Japanese, Arabian, and Korean.


Indonesian think that they always need additional school subjects tutoring, primarily for students. It is important to take note that Indonesian need additional lessons or courses to pass the exam and academic necessity. Meanwhile, in terms of skill, computer courses are the most needed by Indonesian, whether male or female.

In providing the course, a course developer should pay attention to course duration and terms. It’s recommended to provide a weekly or flexible schedule and make sure that a term is not longer than 6 months.

Also, low costs courses are preferred since many of the course-taker eventually stop taking courses because the cost is too pricy.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Kind of tutoring that Indonesian joined
  • What kind of tutoring that will be taken by Indonesian
  • How often Indonesian go for a course or tutoring
  • Period of tutoring preferred by Indonesian
  • Indonesian reasons for joining a tutoring
  • What kind of tutoring format taken by Indonesian
  • Reason to quit tutoring
  • Indonesian sources of information about tutoring
  • Most preferred language course
  • Summary

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