Why Indonesians like to shop at the convenience store?

In Indonesia, convenience stores are very easy to find on every street corner. Especially on main roads or densely populated areas. People like to shop at convenience stores because they are easy to find, with quite a complete variety of products and affordable prices.

So, how often do Indonesians shop at the convenience store? What do they usually buy?

Period: 2017.11.10-2018.11.10
Respondents: 500 Indonesians


Q: How often do you go to the convenience store? (SA)

The convenience store sells food, drinks, and everyday household goods. So the intensity of people who go shopping at the minimarket will be counted often. About 22.2 percent go to the convenience store almost every day, followed by 2 to 3 times a week with 17 percent.


Q: Which convenience store do you like? (MA)

Based on Licorice’s survey, about 72.2 percent go to Indomaret, while 61 percent go to Alfamart. These two convenience store’s brands are indeed in two main ranks. There is a phrase in the community: in every Alfamart there must be an Indomaret, and in every Indomaret, there must be an Alfamart. Both also clap side by side. For Indomaret, until May 2019, the number of Indomaret outlets has reached 16,900 outlets. Whereas, by the end of 2019, Alfamart had operated 14,310 outlets.

But, 9.4 percent choose another convenience store to shop. Now, new convenience store’s brands are starting to emerge, such as Halal Podjok, Family Mart, Ok Oce Mart, and others.


Q: Why do you often visit the convenience store? (MA)

63.8 percent often go to the convenience store because it is close to home. A convenience store that always in densely populated areas is Indomaret and Alfamart. Because of its strategic location, which is located near people’s homes, making the popularity of these two brands continues to rise.

Then, 28 percent answered the convenience store has a complete item selection. Now, some convenience store starts to sold multiply the variety of products. For example, it is a Family Mart. Not only selling food, drinks, and household goods, but that convenience store also sells iced milk coffee, iced chocolate, and fast food. Where iced milk coffee and ready-to-eat foods turned out to be much ogled by teenagers. So now, Family Mart isn’t just a convenience store. but also become a place to hang out.


Q: What things do you usually buy at the convenience store? (MA)

54.8 percent buy drinks when going to convenience stores, while 46.2 percent buy a snack. Indonesian people love snacking, and the presence of a minimarket that is close to their location, whether home, office, campus or school, makes it easy for them to buy drinks and snacks.


Q: For what occasion do you go to the convenience store to buy food? (SA)

As I mentioned before, Indonesian people love snacking, and the presence of a minimarket that is close to their location, whether home, office, campus or school, makes it easy for them to buy snacks in snack time.


The Conclusion

A convenience store is an inseparable part of the community. Because, they are everywhere, the variety of products is quite complete and affordable prices, making people happy and feel easy when shopping. In Indonesia, the most popular convenience stores are Indomaret and Alfamart. The two convenience stores exist, starting from the big cities to the villages. The funny thing is, the two are always built side by side. So it helps people too, when the goods they are looking for in Indomaret are not available, they just walk to the next door (red: Alfamart) to check.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Frequency of shopping at the convenience store
  • At what time usually goes to the convenience store
  • Minimarkets that are usually visited
  • A reason to shop at the convenience store often
  • What Indonesian people buy at the convenience store
  • The time when buying food at the convenience store
  • The amount of money spent at the convenience store
  • Summary

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