Order & Home Delivery With Just Few Clicks! Investigation of The Situation of Online Shopping in Vietnam

Easy and convenient Online shopping!

Do you use [online shopping]?  You can shop anytime for 24 hours while staying at home and even have it delivered to your house. Because of its convenience, there are many people who are very thankful for this service.

In Vietnam where the Internet has rapidly spread with the economic development, how much [online shopping] is taking place and what kind of trend can be seen?

Based on the data of “Questionnaire on how to spend your holiday” , we would like to introduce you to the current online shopping circumstances in Vietnam.

Licorice survey  Questionnaire Delivery period: 2016.11.17-12.31  Questionnaire Respondent: 500 male and female residents between the age of 10 and 40 years.



Q.  Do you shop online?  ( SA). 1

Amazingly, 80% of the people have online shopping experience or have done online shopping.  Moreover, female online shopping users are slightly more than males.

This questionnaire is for people who can use the internet and give response to the survey questionnaire on a Smart phone application.

Therefore, it will seem that there are a lower number of online shopping users in Vietnam as a whole, but it can be said that there are an appreciable number of online shopping users in Vietnam.


Q.  Which device do you use most when shopping online?  (SA)


When asked about the device that people use while shopping online, majority (62%) of people answered [Smart phone]. On the other hand, [PC] users became a minority with 25%. It can be said that this result relates to how internet is spreading in Vietnam. With the recent economic development in Vietnam, the internet has spread very rapidly, but the internet with a mobile terminal, which is easy to obtain is becoming more prevalent than the PC terminal which was spreading earlier. For this reason, people who are more used to using a mobile than a PC are characterized as [Mobile Natives] and the number of such people is huge. In the case of Japan, earlier when the PC was spreading or before the Smart phone, when the feature phones were spreading, the generation after 40’s focused mainly on “PC”, whereas the generations below 30’s focus mainly on “smart phone “. Hence, the devices used are bi polarized by generations.

Because the younger Japanese generation in 20’s and below the age 20 is more familiar with smart phones than PC, it seems that the young people in Japan and the people in Vietnam share the same feeling when it comes to devices used to access the internet.

Q.  Which payment method do you use the most for online shopping?  ( SA)


Absolutely Overwhelming! Those who use [cash payment] are 70%.

Speaking of settlement for online shopping in Vietnam, [cash payment] seems to be the most common form of cash on delivery.

Actually, in Vietnam the use of credit card has not become common yet.  As there are few merchants available and the conditions of credit card application are severe, there is not much advantage of owning a credit card.

Also, many people are concerned about whether the items ordered by online shopping will surely arrive or not. Hence, many choose [cash on delivery] as a safety measure.

It seems to be necessary to strengthen the service of the aspect of “Will reach surely when ordered” in the future.

Q.  Which genres of purchasing do you do via online shopping?  (MA)


Among both men and women, 4 to 50% of people use it for purchasing [fashion items].  In addition, [personal computer · home appliances] are popular among men. Whereas in case of women, [cosmetics] are popular!

Also in Japan, the purchase of same genres of items is high; hence it shares familiarity with the above result.

Although the item purchasing genre [books] is not so popular in Vietnam, in Japan, it is a genre highly used in online shopping.

As Japan is the powerhouse of comic and animation, it is obvious that there are many people who purchase manga books. There are many EC shops where purchases such as single volume to free from single volume can be done.

It seems to be the reason why it is used in Japan as it is easier to find a book over there than in a real store.

There are many people who like Japanese cartoons and animation in Vietnam. Hence, it’s a matter of interest that how the sales of “books” will grow in the future over there.


Shopping with a smart phone,  what are your future tasks?

It looks like Vietnam is enjoying [online shopping] just like Japan.

More than 60% of the users ordered from smart phones and it turned out that Internet access from the mobile terminal is thriving.

Although the EC market seems to be expanding in Vietnam, there is still a problem that the settlement and logistics infrastructure have not been able to keep up with low credit card ownership rate and anxiety of delivery service. Vietnam is now on the wave of economic development.  In the growth process of development, how these problems are solved and how the Vietnam EC market will spread will be noted in future trends!

The detailed report which this article referred to is available. [Table of contents]

  • Vietnamese’s preference of shopping online
  • Vietnamese’s frequency of shopping online
  • Vietnamese’s device for shopping online
  • Vietnamese’s product genre on online shopping
  • Vietnamese’s payment method for online shopping
  • Vietnamese’s merit of online shopping
  • Vietnamese’s disadvantages of online shopping
  • Vietnamese’s choice of online shopping sites
  • Summary
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