Do Indonesians like to wear masks?

Masks are one of the protective devices that can be said to be mandatory when doing outdoor activities. Its use is quite popular in several countries, one of which is South Korea. Then, how about Indonesia? Do Indonesians like to wear masks? When do they usually wear?

Let’s find out from the survey below

Period: 2017/8/23 – 2017/12/31
Respondents: 501 Indonesia

Q: Do you bring masks during your daily activities? (SA)

About 43.51 percent only bring masks sometimes. Maybe because it depends on the situation, such as when outdoors or taking public transportation. While 34.53 percent always bring masks. Only 8.78 percent never bring masks.


Q: How often do you wear masks? (SA)

According to the survey above, about 32.93 percent wear a mask almost every day. Usually, those who use masks almost everyday work in places that are required to be sterile or outdoors. For those who don’t wear every day or almost, generally because it only they remember and looks. If there is a mask in front of the eyes or will be outdoor activities, it will be used.


Q: When do you wear masks? (MA)

70.85 percent of respondents wearing masks when riding a motorcycle. We are dealing with dust, pollution and the sun’s heat when riding a motorcycle. Therefore people use masks to protect their faces from all that. While 39.52 percent wearing a mask when feels the air is dirty, like dust or pollution. Especially for construction workers or factory labors who always dealing with bad air.

Then 34.33 percent wear a mask when they sick. If you coughing or sneezing, tiny droplets of saliva and mucus carrying airborne viruses are expelled into the air. These viruses can spread to those around you and make them sick too. For this type of mask, a popular brand is Sensi Mask and Skrineer Mask.


Q: What type of masks do you usually use? (MA)

Indonesian mostly wear a cloth mask for daily use, or sometimes it called the buff mask. Also, the price is affordable, in the range of Rp 20.000 to more than Rp 100.000, depending on fabric and design. Besides, cloth masks can also be washed.

Moreover, 49.3 percent wear a disposable mask. These masks generally have 3 layers. After use, disposable masks must be removed immediately or even destroyed. These masks usually used by medical personnel in hospitals to avoid transmitting infections from patients while they are examining or treating.


Q: What are the important things when you choose a mask? (SA)

Several factors become a consideration when someone buys a mask. 50.7 percent consider materials of the mask. For example, for a cloth mask, it will be seen whether the cloth can absorb sweat or not, or whether it is comfortable when used, or whether feeling short of breath.

While 35.33 percent choose design when buying a mask. For men, they usually prefer simple designs or just have one color. Then for women, it’s easier to be attracted by cute designs. Endurance, who selected by 26.55 percent also a consideration. If the cloth masks that are purchased are easily torn, then people will look for stronger materials.


Q: What an unpleasant thing when wearing a mask? (MA)

For 38.12 percent, the makeup attached to the mask is unpleasant, because it will ruin the makeup and that means they have to fix their makeup. Meanwhile, 29.34 percent feel hot when wearing a mask, especially if they wear masks when riding a motorcycle, which they have to wear helmets too.


The Conclusion

It can be said if Indonesians often wear masks. Basically when they drive or are outdoors, where they are exposed to dust, pollution, and sunlight. That’s why they prefer to wear cloth masks. The material used for masks becomes a major consideration when buying. If you want to produce a mask, the comfort factor of the cloth and being able to absorb sweat must be noted. Ah, do not forget, it has to sell at affordable prices.

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