Indonesian and a thin line between those who are not interested and are interested in fortune-telling

The future is always an interesting thing that some people want to know. The presence of the fortune-teller then makes the curiosity of the future fulfilled. No wonder then people often come to fortune tellers or just read horoscopes or tarot to find out some aspects of their lives in the future.

Then, how about in Indonesia? Are there also many who are interested in predictions? If so, what medium do they use? Let’s look through the survey done by Licorice.

Periode: 2017/7/24 – 2017/12/31
Respondents: 501 Indonesians


Q: Are you interested in fortune-telling? (SA)

Based on the Licorice survey, about 30.34 percent, not interested at all in fortune-telling. Otherwise, 28.14 percent very interested in fortune-telling. There is a slight line between those who are not interested and very interested. For those who are not interested, usually, because they think the fortune-telling is ridiculous, so automatically, they will not believe it either. While for those who are very interested, seeking to know about the future, by whatever means possible provides some kind of hope on future or guidance to endure present hardships.


Q: What is your medium to fortune-telling? (MA)

In the current era of progress, the internet is the closest thing to us. Therefore, 35.73 percent take advantage of the internet as their medium to fortune-telling. All you have to do is open google and type the application website you are going to. As simple as that. While 23.95 percent visits fortune tellers to get their vision. They would like to go as they have intense curiosity needs.


Q: What kind of things do you want to know with fortune-telling? (MA)

There are a variety of questions you can ask. Your love life, future, your career, family, children, health. And even past lives. About 22.16 percent want to know about someone they liked with fortune-telling. By getting a picture, they can know what steps to take. If the fortune-telling shows something good, then they will continue to approach the person they like. However, if not, then they will retreat slowly.

Then 14.17 percent seeking for fortune-telling while being confused about the family. If they’re going to be successful or not, or if they’re going to have kids, how is their life with kids going to be, or also when in a bad relationship or is in a difficult spot, will often ask for advice on how to progress.


Q: What things you have been fortune-telling or being foretold by others? (MA)

Various methods of fortune-telling provide a way to peek into the future with some guidance to avert bad or hope for good. About 41.32 percent choose horoscope to seek the prediction. They read horoscopes to find the answers to the questions on their minds and for reassurance in an uncertain world. Horoscopes can lend guidance when it comes time to make a decision and give comfort during stressful times. Even if the fortune-telling is general and vague, many people still find them comforting and personally meaningful by applying them to their particular situation.

In the second place, it is tarot cards with 16.37 percent. There are two different types of Tarot readings: question readings and open readings. In question readings, you are addressing a specific question. While open readings address the larger aspects of your life rather than a specific problem area or question.

Both of these methods are very popular in Indonesia. For the zodiac, you can find it easily in magazines. Whereas for tarot, you can even learn it yourself.


Q: How do you react after being told the result of you foretold? (MA)

According to the survey above, about half of respondents follow what they have told by fortune-tellers. On the contrary, 19.76 percent never do what fortune-teller told. They seem to be just curious about fortune-telling and try it.


The Conclusion

It can be said that about half of Indonesians are interested and believe in fortune-telling, and the other half don’t. For those who are interested, usually do because it is fun. Then for the topic that is usually seen through the horoscope or asked directly to the fortune teller is about love life. If you are a fortune-teller or want to provide a fortune-telling medium in Indonesia, there will still be many people who like it.


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