Indonesian Taste: the Spicier, the Better!

PERIOD: 2019/10/26 〜 2020/4/25

Q Do you like spicy food? (SA)

Spicy food is always good for the Indonesian. According to a survey by Licorice, a whopping 93.6% of Indonesian loved spicy food. There was only 6.4% who don’t really like spicy food.

It is not a strange thing if most of the Indonesian people like to eat culinary which has a spicy taste. If in one dish there is no spicy culinary menu, surely Indonesian will say that the meal taste is bland. No wonder that Indonesian chili production is high. Some people even intentionally plant chili plants in their yard so that when the price of chili rises, they can still eat spicy culinary.

Why do Indonesian Love Spicy foods?

Almost 80% of traditional culinary in Indonesia uses chili and has a spicy taste. Rendang, one of the most delicious food in the world from Indonesia, uses a lot of chilies when it is cooked.

If the dish is not spicy, Indonesians will always add chili as a side dish. In Indonesia, there are dozens of more types of chili sauce or ‘sambal’. The spicy taste always fits on the Indonesian tongue.

Indonesia’s passions on the chili sauce were even written in the classical manuscript of Centhini Writing in 1814. The manuscript mentions various types of sambals which are now a typical Indonesian culinary tradition.

So it can be said that spicy culinary had already become a tradition passed down from their ancestors.

In Indonesia, spicy is also believed to make people feel happy and addicted. The spicy taste is considered able to release the feeling of stress in the body so that many people choose to eat spicy culinary.

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