Indonesian need more Swimming Lesson!

PERIOD: 2019/10/25 〜 2020/4/24

There is an old saying in Indonesia, “My ancestors are sailors, my ancestors are sailors!” the sailor is likely applied by half of Indonesian. Does this saying imply Indonesian’s skill in swimming?

Q. Can you swim? (SA)

According to a survey by Licorice, 79.8% of Indonesian respondents are able to swim. 26.6% of them even claimed that they are good swimmers, while 53.2% are regular swimmers. There were only 20.2% of Indonesian who cannot swim.

Well, Indonesia is a country in which 77% of the area is water or sea. Its tropical climate made its rivers often overflow in rainy season. Flooding happens regularly in Indonesia. Then, the ability to swimming should not be a thing for this maritime country.

However, nowadays, there is a fact that water accidents often happened in Indonesia. Recently in February 2020, 10 junior high school students were dead because of drowning in a river in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This case amplifies the fact that Indonesian education in swimming is needed in Indonesia.

In the past, Indonesian kids naturally can swim because they play around the river or sea. Nowadays, Indonesian kids are not used to playing in the wilderness, especially those who lived in big cities.

With a lot of watery terrains in this country and regular rainy season, Indonesian should add swimming in their curriculum.

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