Indonesian needs for Muslim salons

Appearance becomes one of the important things for most people. But, because of limited time and ability, makes people prefer to come to the salon to do the treatment. Do Indonesians always come to the same salon? What factors are seen when coming to the salon? Let’s find out from Licorice’s survey.

Period: 2017/11/30 – 2018/5/30
Respondents: 501 Indonesia men and women


Q: Where did you get your haircut? (MA)

About 43.71 percent go to the salon to get the haircut. The salon business is developing year by year, in line with lifestyle trends and the large market potential. There are more than 1000 salons only in Jakarta. However, on the other side, roadside hair cut still popular as a place for some people to cut their hair. It is proven because 25.95 percent choose a roadside haircut. Only 3.39 percent do own treatment.


Q: Did you make an appointment first before going to a salon? (SA)

For those who go to the salon, 50.1 percent never make an appointment. They would rather come directly. If the salon they attend is full, then they will wait or find another salon. While for 24.75 percent of respondents, they sometimes make an appointment. It depends on what kind of treatment they will do or when they want to be treated by people they trust.


Q: Did you go to the same salon? (SA)

In terms of trust choosing salon, 44.71 percent always go to the same salon. There are many reasons why people end up always coming to the same salon. That’s maybe because of the salon’s ambiance, get an affordable price, or get a suitable hairstylist. Going to a new salon can be scary, especially if your hair is hard to handle. So you prefer to go back to the salon you’ve trusted.

However, 39.12 percent sometimes go to different salons. Some people are usually the type that likes to try different types of salons. Coming to a different salon is usually done after getting a recommendation from friends or someone you’ve trusted. Or when they want to do special treatments, such as hair coloring, where several salons have a very good reputation for those services.


Q: What do you consider when choosing a salon? (MA)

Choosing a salon takes quite a long time and consideration for some people. They do not want to just choose a salon and lead to failure. For 45.91 percent, they consider will get results in line with expectations. Hair is a woman’s crown, so when it fails, it will ruin the mood. To get results in line with expectations, 39. 12 percent consider getting a suitable hairstylist. While the other results from the survey will automatically fall within the scope of the two main factors above.

Then, 14.37 percent consider whether that salon using halal material for the treatment or not. This can be a potential business. The Muslim salon business is increasingly perspective considering that Indonesia has the largest number of Muslim populations in the world. In the past year, a special Muslim salon began to appear in Jakarta.


Q: What services do you do in the salon? (MA)

About 62.67 percent choose a hair cut and blow treatment, followed by just hair washing treatment with 35.93 percent. Sometimes, Indonesians are just too lazy to wash their hair by themselves.


Q: When you feel the need to change hairstyles? (MA)

According to the survey above, about 73.45 percent, feel the need to change hairstyle when their hair getting longer. They will cut their hair short or simply change their hairstyle to look fresh, where the desire to change the look of the hair chosen by 37.92 percent.


The Conclusion

Indonesians like to do a treatment at the salon. That’s why the salon business thrives in Indonesia. However, it would be great to open a Muslim-only salon, considering that there is great potential for the needs of Muslim women. They want to feel comfortable while doing the treatment because it requires a location and space that is sufficiently maintained to ensure that their nakedness is not visible to people who are not mahram, and believes the salon uses Halal ingredients.

Besides, for consumers to come to the salon continuously, it is necessary to recruit a good quality hairdresser or hairstylist and build a comfortable salon atmosphere.


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