New Year New Me, Set An Insurance For Future Health Guarantee is Recommended

The new year is the beginning of the time-periodic after the 12 months passed.  Count down the time on 31 December night kind of mandatory.

But do you know Indonesian prefer not to participate in that event? or what the correlation between the new year and health insurance? Let’s find out from the survey which was done by Licorice.

PERIOD:  January 3, 2020 〜 June 24, 2020
RESPONDENTS:  500 Indonesians, consist of 80.40% males, 19.20% females and 0.40% other.

Question: Did you participate in the countdown event on 31 December night? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

From the survey, some fewer people participated in the Countdown event on 31 December night or celebrating new year’s eve than people who do not participate. There are 44.4% of respondents who join the new year’s countdown celebration Meanwhile, there are 55.6% of respondents who do not participate in such an event. There are kinds of reasons why Indonesian prefer not to join the new year’s eve, kind of celebration is exhausting, noising, and people everywhere sparking the fireworks. So it is better to stay at home and watching movies with a family or get sleep soon to welcome tomorrow.

Spending the most of time on the new year at home is not only assuming. In the same survey, the respondents are confessing what kind of year-end holiday they like the most. Look at the chart below.

Question: What kind of year-end holiday do you like the most? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the survey, 59.2% of respondents said home to relax during the year-end holiday. Meanwhile, 40.8% stated doing outside activities kind of traveling. Staying at home is not always about sleeping and eating. Usually Indonesian is thinking about some of the plans that they want to do in the next year. A quick start as soon as possible with a good plan will make everything on the track.
There are some preferences that usually Indonesians think as their resolutions. Look at the charts below:

Question: When you make a resolution for 2020, what kind of resolution do you want to achieve? (MA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the survey above, the top resolution in 2020 is about health. About 45.4% of respondents said health is the number one priority. The second rank is about saving with 44.4% of respondents stated on it. Another resolution on Indonesian’s preferences there are traveling/hobby with 33.2% of respondents, and learning with 23.2% of respondents.

Why Indonesian Put Priority On Health as The Top Resolution?

When Indonesians think about health, it will be covered for themselves, their families, or even communities. Being healthier than last year could be started with some new behaviors, such as doing regular workouts, eat healthy foods, reduce the oil and sugar, more consume fruits and vegetables.
Moreover, having life insurance could be another way to support health resolution. Because when we take a look closer at the survey, it will be the right time for insurance companies to offer their products at the beginning of the year.

As we know, some people in Indonesia are careless about health. They are smoke all the time, drink alcohol, less nutritious foods, and easy to stress out. These reasons are very potentials to Indonesian accepted the future health investment without any risk from the insurance company.

If the insurance company comes at the beginning of the year, Indonesian have more time to think about the advantages and disadvantages to be a member. Why? because they just stay at home during the holiday, usually the government still gives them a week to enjoy the new year’s holiday. Look at the survey below:

Question: What kind of year-end holiday do you like the most? (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Question: When does your work/school start?  (SA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the survey, when there is no distraction at home, they will think about what the best health insurance package, right? because it is their top resolution. About 59.2% of respondents stated that rest quietly at home is the best time to spend a year-end holiday. While about 29% of respondents stated to start school/work a week after new year’s eve.

To sum up, Indonesians own preferences to enjoy the new year’s holiday. Most of them prefer to stay at home than do outside activities like traveling or shopping. Indonesians also have many preferences as their new year resolutions. The top priority is health. They will bare themselves with something healthier than the past. Meanwhile, getting life insurance is the other option to get a health guarantee.

The detailed report which this article referred to is available.
[Table of contents]

  • Did Indonesian participate in the countdown event on 31 December night or not
  • How Indonesian spend new year’s holiday
  • When Indonesian work/school start after new year holiday
  • How Indonesian feel when close to start your work/school after new year holiday
  • When Indonesian make a resolution for 2020
  • What kind of resolution Indonesian want to achieve
  • What kind of year-end holiday Indonesian like the most
  • Summary

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