A Recommendation After School Activities, A Survey on Indonesian Extracurricular Preferences For Student

Students usually get bored if the school is only teaching about major subjects without sports or arts programs. To solve the problem, students will find their ways to join several extracurricular activities after school time.

How exactly Indonesian preferences on extracurricular activities for students? What activities do they enjoy it? How long they do it per day? How many times it provide per week? We’ll find out all of these answers through a survey which was done by Licorice.

PERIOD: August 5, 2019 – February 5, 2020

RESPONDENTS: 500 Indonesians, contains 250 males and 250 females.

Q: What sport extracurricular that you join during school? (MA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Survey Done by Licorice


Sports programs commonly known as the most popular extracurricular activities, either for males or females. Based on the survey, both males and females stated that they very like soccer. A total of 77.6% of respondents for males and 30% of respondents for females.

Besides soccer, respondents have shown their interest in Basket and Badminton. Females lead the chart for these two activities than males.

Then, the next question is, to show how respondents preferences about best frequent for students do sport programs per week? Look at the chart below:

Q: How often do you join an extracurricular in a week?  (MA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Survey Done by Licorice

The major answer said males and females do the sport extracurricular programs only once a week. while some male respondents do the programs for 2-3 times a week are 4.8% higher than some female respondents. However, 14.4% of female respondents stated they never join sport program activities, in contrary male respondents for only 4%.

According to this survey, male respondents shown more often do sport programs than females. This might be caused by males in Indonesia to have more willingness in sport programs rather than females or even with school major subjects. Might another reason is because females not really like sweat and prefer to do for normal frequent for sport, for example only once in every week.

Besides sports, school programs also offer arts and sciences for students extracurricular. For they have preferred not to be so overwhelming in after school subjects, kind activities such as music, photography, drama, or even computer programming, will good options besides sports for students.  Look at the chart below:

Q: What extracurricular other than sports that you join in school? (MA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Survey Done by Licorice

Based on the survey, music is the first rank of extracurricular activities after sports. It can not be denied because everyone put so much interest in music. Most of Indonesian think playing music after school time able to release stress feeling cause of study.  Well, from the charts, 48.4% of male respondents choose music, while 36.4% of female respondents choose the same. At the second rank, it shows a different trend between males and females. While male respondents prefer computer programming, female respondents choose the fine arts.

Why Females Prefer Doing Arts Than Sport Programs?

So, according to Indonesian female preferences, painting, drawing, or sculpturing are made female’s feeling calmer. It is very different from males answers that think about sport to compete with everything.

Moreover, photography has not far different points, between this two gender. But female leads 1,2%  of respondents than males answer. Sometimes, the reason why females interest in photography more is because they very like taking a picture. Either to capture someone else, scenery, and the females-itself or selfie.

After we know about other students extracurricular interests aside from sports, the survey is also asked about how many hours they spent doing arts and sciences? Look at the charts below:

Q: How long the extracurricular in a day? (MA)

Survey Done by Licorice

Survey Done by Licorice

According to the data, males and females have the most likely the same preferences about the duration of extracurricular programs per day.

They feel  2 hours are enough to complete their activities after school time. However, about 20% of respondents, either male or female, two or three hours are also a good point to do extracurricular programs per day session. The trends show low respondents answer for less than one hour or above 3 – 5 hours. It may be caused students will exhaust if they do too much.

Refer to all charts, it is clear that students have a high interest in extracurricular programs. Either sports or arts, even sciences, most of them will be joined depend on their relish. So, the next chart shows that are they still do the extracurricular program or not.

Q: Do you still like to do the activities that was your extracurricular in school?

Survey Done by Licorice

According to the charts above, a small respondents said not doing the extracurricular anymore. But the big answer is yes, the trends show that no matter with your activities now, even has passed from school years, but the programs are still doing.

From the survey of student extracurricular preferences we can conclude that students are very interested in all programs. If we draw the patterns, soccer and music are the first rank of students charts.

These two programs highly popular than the others. After that, if the teachers or school scheduler confuse how long and how many times the time precision for students to do extracurricular, the answer is once a week and less than two hours.

If you could run this program conform with the survey, the student will probably enjoy joining all school subjects because they have extracurricular to let out saturated feeling after school time.

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